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PatOnTrip 11 Mar 2004 06:14

Lowering the XR650L
Hi all,

Time to go back on the road!!!

I'm 5 feet and 6inch and want to buy a XR650L to travel to South America next fall.

First thing to do with the bike is to lower to suspension. I would like to lower the bike about 4 inches.

REAR SHOCK: I know lowering link exists but the seat height will drop by about 1 inch or so which is not enough. The solution is to insert a spacer in the rear shock. A spacer of 1 inch should lower the bike by 4 inch.
So I think I'm ok for the rear.

FRONT FORK: I can cut the fork center rod to
lower the fork. But after that I cannot reverse the mod. I heard that you can also insert some tube spacer in the fork to minimize fork travel. Anybody heard of these?
Or do you have any other info on lowering the suspension of the XR650L?



RichLees 14 Mar 2004 19:59

4"! yikes!

you can get an inch on the front by sliding the stanchions through to where the diametere reduces. with a standard rear, this improves the handling, but hell knows what yours will handle like with lowering links etc. yuk, I should think! I'd try to avoid doing that and remember to shorten your sidestand or park selectively!

did you consider redoing the seat? I took 2" of foam out of my seat and improved its comfort! I also had to shorten the seat cos I was fitting a 45 litre tank.
good luck

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