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davidlomax 12 May 2005 03:05

Large XR 400 tank
I have recently advertised for an XR400 tank and got this reply.

Hi Dave,
I do have a big white plastic tank,but from my former XR600R ('92);
I honestly do not know if it would fit the smaller 400cc ?
If you get to any conclusion,and if still
intrested,I fly regularly to London and could deliver it personaly.



Does anyone know if this is likely to fit an XR400? I have mailed for more info such as exact size....

Many Thanks


BCK_973 12 May 2005 05:40

I just visited the acerbis page and it should fit.Article number 601.030 for all xr400 models.
But you should asked yorself maybe.


Open the PDF file on fuel tanks.
Did you search ebay.de?
Good luck!

RichLees 12 May 2005 14:09

theres a 22 litre tank that fits both and there's a 40+ litre tank which can apparently be made to fit either, but would probably overload the 400 and require you to shorten the seat and raise the bars ...
I met an XR400 with a 27 litre DR350 tank. that, IMO, would be a good option.

BCK_973 13 May 2005 00:21

I have that 40 liters mounted on my XR 650L.And indeed it would disbalance the 400 in a negative way.
I think 24 liters is a excelent quantity for the lower consumption of that engine.
You can allways mount a extra tank at the back,those who goes over the rear fender.(5 liters)

RichLees 13 May 2005 02:22

I just sold my XRL with the 43 litre tank ...
not sure about your comment on the 400 burning less: its more highly tuned and, in my experience, burns the same or more! my preference for extended range on the 400 would be the 22+ tank + 10(?) litre left hand tank I saw on some Paris-Dakar bikes. I've never looked into sourcing that tank, but it looks handy

BCK_973 13 May 2005 06:31

could you send me a few pictures of your bike during your tripp?or a link to a web site?
I asked a guy who ride a 400 and told me that it wasn´t that thirsty,but it depends on riders conditions and geografies.

davidlomax 13 May 2005 13:07

Last trip on an XR400:


go to the Americas section and look for the Trans Am Trail.


SKILLO 13 May 2005 14:48

Dave, A mate of mine here in Aus and myself both had XR600's and we both bought Acerbis 22L tanks some years ago. I still have my 600, but my mate sold his and bought a XR400. He kept the 22L tank and fitted it to his 400, so yes they do fit. However he had to make up new brackets at front of tank (to frame). These are flat (no bending required) and easy to make, but there was a little mucking around to get the measurements correct. Basically the same design as original with different location of frame bolt on point. Also he found that the tank pushed the front of the 400 seat up a little more and made a few wrinkles in cover material. Otherwise all works OK - with the Acerbis tank anyway.


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