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Nuno Leotte 28 Apr 2007 20:37

KTM 950 Fuel pump for Africa Twin
Hi all Africa Twin owners with fuel pump problems!

Just for the record:

KTM 950 adventure and the Honda Africa Twin use the same fuel pump (made by mitsubishi).

Nuno Leotte

Jake 29 Apr 2007 20:05

also note the KTM boxed pump is £70.00 and the Honda boxed version is £120.00 jake.

samson 29 Apr 2007 22:42

just fixed my fuelpump the pumpqoil is now powerd by e relay outside the pump . the contactswits in the pump only powers the relay so they dont have to take 50what . now they dont burn in anymore and can laest a lifetime. the relay only costs 5 euro . there is somwere in the hondatech forum a ful explanation :thumbup1:

mmaarten 9 May 2007 07:22


That is a briliant solution ! :thumbup1:


samson 9 May 2007 18:35


this link is the explanition of the fuelpump repair . not so easy but it works perfect . :D

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