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ZacT 25 Jul 2003 12:13

How's the XR650L for long highway trips?
hey, I'm trying to decide between the xr and a KLR and I like the weight and off road abilities I've heard about with the XR but I'm wondering what it's like for long trips. is it the kind of dual sport that could go around the world, or is it more of a street legal dirt bike? whats it like for riding all day on the highway with gear?

wbagwell 25 Jul 2003 15:18

The XR is not a good bike for long highway trips unless you do lots of comfort modifications to it.

That's not to say it's not reliable or handles poorly, it's just more of a dirt bike than the KLR. The seat is less comfy, there's no windscreen, and there aren't a lot of accessories available for it to make it more road-worthy, whereas the KLR has a huge amount of aftermarket parts available for it.

I'd definitely go with the KLR if I was doing more road-oriented travelling, if for no other reason than there are much more accessories available for it.

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highlander 26 Jul 2003 08:30

I think if you put a 42 rear sprocket,it will run well in a long trip.Yesteryear,I made a trip of 3,000 Km,500 to 800 per day and I have no troubles,my trip was done in good paved roads and in dirt roads.Remember,It's an off-road machine.dont expect a comfort of a Harley in a paved road,but I feel it is very dependable bike.
About the Kawasaki,I live in a tropical country and this bike always boils the water,and have troubles in ignition,here they are considered the worse bike ever built.
good luck,good trip.

tam 19 Aug 2003 05:00

I've just done 4'000 miles mostly on roads through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala on my XR650L. The main down side is just as wbagwell said, it will give you a sore arse for sure.
On the other hand all I did to mine for 3'500 miles was lube the chain now and again! However I would recomend changing the oil once in a while. Overall the reliability factor was first rate.

RichLees 19 Aug 2003 15:55

oh, come on! a standard XRL seat is fine. try putting the 40+ litre Acerbis tank on and then making a seat to fit with the tank and mudguard ... the rack is more comfortable than the seat, but what an ace off-roader even fully laden. 138kmh (GPS rather than speedo) is my best on rough gravel. anyway, after a couple of weeks, your arse nerves die and even my saddle is fine - better than the harness I use for parachuting here in Swakopmund, Namibia.
KLR = better for the road, though.

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