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traveller1041 18 Jan 2010 11:23

Honda Varadero 1000-Africa twin 750 bring back the AFRICA TWIN
Howdy All
Has anyone out there done some major touring on a VARADERO i own a
AFRICA TWIN and will never get rid of her as we went across THE DARK CONTINENT together but i really like the VARADERO.

Would really like to now other peoples travels on this bike i now it has a
big 1000cc engine must be thirsty....Isnt it time the AFRICA TWIN was
remade HONDA come on look at the popularity in the adventure travel.

I cannot understand why the AFRICA TWIN hasnt came back...I think if she
lost some wieght she would kick the rest into touch...she is popular the
world over.


carlospezao 18 Jan 2010 13:06

New Honda Africa Twin

edteamslr 18 Jan 2010 16:39

Which part of it do you want them to "bring back"?
I've got a front wheel spindle and left radiator cover if you want those?

traveller1041 18 Jan 2010 16:51

Bring Back The Africa Twin
Nice pictures CARLOS...Looks like a larger version of the transalp one can but hope honda will make the AT again....PLEASE


GasUp 18 Jan 2010 16:58

I had a couple, heavy as billy-o, and you wouldn't want to have to pick one up too many times (say twice!) but they can cover distance like nothing else. As comfortable as you like, you can cover 1000 miles without too much trouble in a <very long> day, 600-700 miles a day every day if that's your bag.

They are happy scratching along the B and C roads too.

You can carry everything, including the whole bl00dy kitchen if you want to, as well as the wife, two kids and the dog!

They are a great bike, and will ride OK on unsealed roads, but if the going gets a little difficult I'd be turning back. They are just tooooo heavy,

It would be nice to see Honda put a serious bike into the Adventure market, the new TA just isn't that bike IMHO.

traveller1041 18 Jan 2010 17:30

Varadero-africa Twin...
I agree GASUP a very heavey bike...good for bombing around europe
with panniers etc...The TA i just dont like alittle small for two up.

Whare did your travels take you....?....

Today i saw a special edition one with waypoints on the plastics...weird
the varadero is more exciting twin exhausts and ready to eat up some miles.

We are looking at tourers for europe cheap with luggage potential the search
goes on..



Mike49 20 Jan 2010 20:10

Varadero-Africa Twin
Travellar- went to Istanbul last year on my Vara my first ever bike and tour and it proved to be very comfortable and easy riding, 25ltr tank close to 250 miles i fueled up every 100 and regular stops i trundled along on 12 hrs dailyat 3-400 miles. Yes it is heavy and i chose my parking with care(being the novice that i am) but as GasUp says the Varadero is a great bike. Mike.

traveller1041 21 Jan 2010 14:49

Wow i bet that was a awesome trip...Were you two up or single with your mates...?

My wife and i are looking for a big tourer to do some travel on i really
like Honda's i went around africa on my AFRICA TWIN...2006

On your Varadero did you have full luggage etc....I bet that was a awesome trip wow....we are jealous but we are looking to do something similar.

Would love to hear more about the bike and how it behaved....was this one
of your first bikes and...large travels...weldone must have been a
exciting trip....:clap:


Mike49 21 Jan 2010 20:32

Traveller- yes 1st bike 1st tour, travelled alone to see how i would do with full panniers and tank bag and i still had room for more gear if i chose so would be ideal for two up. the Vara was only 15months old with 4K on the clock. Total distance covered 5.5K all in all it was an event free and comfortable and enjoyable ride.:scooter: i wish you and your good lady the same, Mike.

GasUp 21 Jan 2010 20:52

Took mine down to Gib a couple of years ago. A few pics here for you.....




Came back up through Andalucia/Rhonda. She sat in torential horizontal rain through France, snow over the Pyranees then tropical heat and sunshine. Never missed a beat.

In her glory :


Loudpedal 29 Jan 2010 18:01

If you want to know about the Honda Varadero you have to look here.

Varadero International :: Index

International Varadero site
lots of ride reports and pics etc

or here

Honda Varadero UK Forum - Index

Uk Varadero site
Same idea only UK based.

I'm on my 4th Varadero, countless trips including many European etc. None of my bikes have let me down yet.
I did lose a bolt from the front mudguard in Greese, but used a cable tie until a replacement was found some 2000 miles later.
It is a bike for the larger rider, as its tall and a little heavy.
But if its miles you want to do you won't find a better ride.


Jim2002 2 Feb 2010 03:12

You'll also find lots of info and owners here Honda Trail Bike Forums

DAVSATO 3 Feb 2010 19:53

i have a varadero xl1000v and love it to bits, i wanted a new AT because i love them too but by the time i could afford a new bike they were 5/6yrs out of production. im not sorry i got the vara, if id got the AT i wouldve changed by now because i like the speed of a litre bike.

saying that the varadero is not an off roader, greenlanes are fun but try picking up a 245kg bike before you do anything more serious! some people put AT front ends on their varaderos because its a 21" wheel and better forks, and wire spoked wheels.
the 1200, if it comes out, is just worse and a fashion thing in my opinion. a great road bike like the 1000, but even worse for off road and far too techno to take round the world. and if its like the new VFR it will be way overpriced anyway.

there is a market for these bikes, look at the 800GS, but where would a remade @T fit in the honda line up? they have the XR range of singles, the transalp is 700cc, the vara 1000cc, and the new V4 1200cc (if it ever happens) so where would a 750cc fit in? they already have the biggest range of adventure bikes to choose from.

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