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demon62 31 Jul 2008 00:18

Honda Transalp 700
Just wondering if anyone has any comments on the new 700cc Transalp - only things that i can locate is that it has a smaller fuel capacity than it's predecessor. Also does anyone know, given that it has only just been launched (in Australia anyways) if there are any OEM or aftermarket parts distributors - primarily for touring (panniers, bash plates, larger windshield etc).

Best all

martync 19 Aug 2008 12:27

transalp 700
it isnt 700cc, i think about 680cc so only 30cc more than the old version. fuel injection so better on fuel but suspension as bouncy as ever and as slow as ever.
not good for motorways, smaller front wheel so harder to get tyres or less choice but
flickable, quiet and styling aint too bad - good wind protection and ergo's.
seat looks like it will brake and almost looks as if it isnt a proper fit to the bike which is odd.
exhaust is high and exposed so you need bars to hang soft luggage from the seat

not bad - just too slow for europe - i was hoping it would be as quick as the devuille - it isnt !

Chancer 19 Aug 2008 13:06

I have bought the new 700 Transalp as a first dual purpose bike in April and I am delighted with it. Yes it can be a little bit sluggish (I have changed from a GSXR1000 in fairness :eek3:) but for some very light off road trails and B roads it’s been great. As Martync says the suspension can be a bit bouncy so I will probably look to get stiffer fork springs sometime soon.

As for accessories there is not a lot available at the moment however Givi have made a taller screen for it which I have fitted. There does seem to be some wind buffeting with it once you get to around 50mph though. I have also ordered trax panniers, and a bash plate from SW Motech. Not got any of them fitted yet so can’t really comment on the quality but they seem to be one of the only companies with parts available at the moment.

thegreendiver 5 Jan 2009 18:55

New Transalp
I got the new TA 2 days before the travellers meet in the UK and when I arrived on it it did draw quite a lot of attention (proud beaming new owner). I had ridden Tenere's and in my maddness went greenlaning astride an old Honda CBR thou - that was a fun day out!

I've been happy with it and so far the mods I've made are, centrestand, honda high windscreen, handlebar brace and heated grips (yeah I know but I do like riding in winter and do like warm hands - its safer), 1.5 inch up and back riser, welded ali' bash plate replacing the plastic one, throttle cable cover, braided brake hoses. Oh and a scottoiler.

What is not that good: long motorways, it is a bit gutless there will be performance chips that will help - eventually but pricey. It is agile enough for tracks, trails and twisties. The heat shielding on the exhaust is frankly pants and I would never put anything heat sensitive on the right of the bike - even with a standoff frame. Dried food, non-combustible bits like pots should go next to the chocolate fireguard of a heatshield. It's tank capacity is small in my opinion considering the market it's aimed at and the odd plasticky bits just look nice. If I'd designed it they would be tank and that would have made it easier to put tank panniers on too, it would have been an 800cc and had 6 gears - then it would have been a perfect bike.

After market stuff is coming on-line all the time so keep your eyes peeled.

Would I buy it again - yes its shortcomings are not so bad to put a dampener on the Honda Transalp 700.

Wide Phil 7 Jan 2009 08:14

The TA will sit at 80 all day, how fast do you want to go FFS. I only do this on my 1150 GSA
Plenty of info on Honda Trail Bike Forums

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