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TobyE 24 Sep 2007 23:36

Honda CB500
Has anyone got any experience / opinions of the Honda CB500? I've seen a 2000 model listed for £1495. It has done 25,000 miles.

Surely the mileage is not too bad for this type of bike? I've heard a lot of good things about this bike's build. This would be my first "proper bike" purchase. I bought my 125 as new, and am hesitant about any used bike with any sort of mileage on.

Any tips on what to look out for?

Many thanks,

TomHeff 4 Oct 2007 00:39

I've got a CB 500, had it for a year in london. Brilliant, really cheap, i've been crap on the maintenance, and it has never had a problem.

It's a 1996 on an N-plate, with 20k on the clock. really reliable, really cheap, handles quite well, breaks well and goes ok. great bike. get BT45's for tyres, great wet grip, and good life. email me if you want to know more.

TobyE 7 Oct 2007 00:11

Got my bike!
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Thanks for your reply Tom, I bought my bike today! It's a 2004 CBF500 ABS with 6000 miles on the clock. Now I can start to seriously plan for those travels!


Walkabout 7 Oct 2007 00:35

Nice reliable bike!
You should not have any problems with that TobyE; I guess you have a warranty of some sort from the dealer on the off-chance that Honda have done something wrong, but it is very unlikely to be needed.

Like you, I tend to look out for second hand bikes with low mileage that can hold their value after taking the initial depreciation hit.

There is at least another guy on here with a cbf600 (and there are probably others lurking who have not owned up to owning a 4 cyl bike!) so I would expect to see more discussion of these bikes in the future; however, I wager that it won't be because they are breaking down and need endless repairs!!


TobyE 7 Oct 2007 00:50

Thanks Dave, I believe there is a 3 month warranty in place, but hopefully I won't have to use this! ;)

I think I'm with you on buying used bikes. It seems an awful waste to buy new, as they depreciate as much as they do.

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