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fireboomer 20 Jun 2002 04:09

Higher windscreen for Transalp?
After 55000km on my Transalp and just a couple km's on a friends AT with a higher windscreen I quickly decided I also want a higher windscreen.

I am about 1m75 and want to be out of the wind. It seems quite hard to find a suitable windscreen. I also realize I don't want to end up inbetween (getting the wind halfway my head).

Who can give me some good advice?


mmaarten 20 Jun 2002 13:03

Hi Pieter,

Tricky stuff... windshields. You should be carefull that you don't end up with a screen that keeps you out of the wind, but into the turbulance. The noise is terrible.

Did you think about the little spoiler from Touratec? I heared very good things about it from diferent sides, so I ordered one through "Bert Duursma Motoren" in Apeldoorn. (He imports touratech stuff so you don't need to order through iternet)

From a airodynamics-expert I understud that the problem usually is the diferance between moving and non-moving air... when they collide (and they do just around your head) it's noisy, and by creating a third airflow (in between) this effect is nutralized. It sounds reasonable...

So... what I mean to say... be carefull you don't end up from the rain into the drip...


- www.maartensworld.tmfweb.nl -

fireboomer 22 Jun 2002 00:53

Hi Maarten,

Thanks for the advice. I already knew this. But since I have neckpains after every 100km or so I really want to get out of the wind.

Do you already have the spoiler? Experiences? I don't think it will be high enough for me. But I'll take a look at it. I presume it's on there website.

http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/frown.gif Touratech has no spoilers or what so ever for the Transalp. Why is this bike ingored so much by so many?

Who has an idea were to find a good windscreen?

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wbagwell 22 Jun 2002 02:56

a search google for 'transalp windscreen' revelaed this:

and this:

Best of luck!

Renato Braz 22 Jun 2002 05:03


be carefull when you choose your windscreen!

I am 1.80m and I have a GIVI higher screen that drives the wind all to my eyes (usualy a use an integral helmet, but...) and it makes terrible noise also.

By the way, do you know what happened to the transalp mail-list?? it disapeard!!

Does your TA burns oil?? mine is 45.000km and burns about 0.2/0.3 liter each 1000Km (normal driving), I suspect that the bike, wich I bought secondhand, has in fact a higher mileage...

saude (portugese for cheers)!!!

renato b.

kcfire 22 Jun 2002 05:20

I saw your pictures from the Morocco trip. Personally I wouldn't do anything to spoil the looks of that beautiful Transalp of yours. I hadn't ever seen one of those before, or I wouldn't have bought the KLR.

fireboomer 22 Jun 2002 10:52


After 55000km (in 18 months) my Transalp isn't burning no oil what so ever. The only thing I needed to replace (besides the regular oilfilter, airfilter and so...) was the clutch cable and a couple of fuses.
I did have a problem with the alarm and humidity but I got a new one under garantee and my dealer bought that one back since I didn't trust it any more. Sucks a bit to be stuck on the road because your alarm can't be turned off...
About your milage... yeah sounds like it might be a bit higher then it says. From wich year is the bike?

John, I like the looks of my bike too. But I also like to ride a lot. And I am risking chronic neck pains if I keep riding like this. I'd rather spoil the looks a bit, but at least be sure that I will always will be able to ride happy.

Renato Braz 23 Jun 2002 21:44


my transalp is a 1996 XL600V. I am almost sure that the bike has in fact a higher mileage. That is what wappens when you dont have money to buy new...



fireboomer 24 Jun 2002 04:51


Don't worry too much. These bikes have proven themselves. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif A Transalp has often over 100.000km on the clock and then they are still running and OK. Every older bike will consume some oil after a time.
Just take good care of it. I give it a small review (oil, general checkup) every 6000km. A major one is done every 24000km (oil, oil filter, air filter if needed, spark plugs and anything else if needed).
I can ride about 24000km with an original Honda chain and sprockets. The brake pads last about 20000km in the front, 25000 in the back. I use T66 Michelin tires when on sealed roads. The front one lasts about 22000km, the back one 15000km.

I am actually thinking of putting 200.000km on the clock of this bike. I should get there in about 3 years from now if I keep the pace up.


mmaarten 24 Jun 2002 13:30

Hai Pieter,

I got the screen-spoiler and it work good. It is ajustable, but even on the lowest position it made a big big diferance.
The construction however is pittyfull, it's attached to the windscreen with a kind of luggage-strap... (the instruction-sheet even say's it's wise to remove it when riding off-road... yeah, right.. duh). I will ajust it and put some screw's in it.

I do think it will fit a transalp, if you want you can try mine.


- www.maartensworld.tmfweb.nl -

Renato Braz 25 Jun 2002 04:52


thanx for the advice and good luck for your 200.000Km!!!

Ride safelly,

renato b.

Renato Braz 25 Jun 2002 05:17


I have just been looking at your web site. nice photos!!

I have been to morroco twice always in land rover, but I am thinking of going with my transalp in february!!
How is the TA on sand?? is it possible to cross the erg chebbi with such a heavy bike??
have you done the piste from mĀ“hamid (tagounite) to merzouga?? amazing isn't it??


renato b. (portugal)

ps. I am also a firefighter!!

fireboomer 3 Sep 2004 02:25

Bringing an old topic back.

After a long time of just being happy with the low standard screen of Honda on my Transalp I finally got a higher one.

I bought the MRA Touring Vario screen and I love it.
I am 1,8m tall and use a Nolan System helmet.

Winbuffering is very good. Might a bit more noice, but I always ride with earplugs, so no problem there for me.
The only thing they didn't think about at MRA is that when you ride with the front open the helmet is a bit higher. So then you start catching wind. But still doable.

I always have to slow down when I notice how fast I am riding. Over the years you devellop a 'feeling' to what kind of wind / noice goes with wich speed. This feeling is no more... Not that I mind. The comfort is way better now :-)

dc lindberg 20 Jun 2009 08:28

7 years have gone since you posted your question. Last entry was made in 2004.

Here is some current (june 2009) tips on Screen producers:

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