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mjp.xrl 7 Oct 2005 14:24

High rise handbar on XR650L?
I am looking to buy a high rise renthal bar or similar for my xr650l which still has the standard bar on.Can anyone supply me with any info on this and which bars do you prefer?
Where can I find these bars?

RichLees 7 Oct 2005 14:55

renthal dakar high with 20-30mm touratech/equiv risers.
you have to juggle the clutch, choke and throttle cables a bit to get them to reach, but you then have a very fine stance for hooning around the dunes.
it seems a bit high for road use at first, but I also suggest you drop the yokes 15mm down the stanchions and change the fork oil to 10w to settle the front end. don't put stiffer front springs in, but consider a stiffer rear spring from K-tech.

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