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Papa Pete 3 Mar 2007 12:56

High output stator for ZX650L NEEDED!!
Good day to all of you, I'm looking for a stator that will put out more power than stock. I need this becuase of an eye injury that makes it hard to see at night. The nx dominator 650 may have the same stator as the xrl 650. Any help would be great. I want to run dual 100 watt head lights and heated grips. I'm in the US so I haven't had much luck. It seems you over seas riders tend to ride in what ever weather comes your way. But in US we have fair weather riders for the most part. NOT ALL, BUT SOME RIDERS. There is a small group of hard core riders that will ride any time they can. Any how I need more juice for more light.

Happy trials

Bill Ryder 3 Mar 2007 15:00

Watt? more watts.
Try, Baja Designs, Soltek, Fuego, Diablo, HID, Off Road Lights, Dual Sport Kit, ATV, 4x4, Motorcycle, Light Bar, Aftermarket they can rewind your stator and various other things. As some of us get older more light at night is nice.

Papa Pete 3 Mar 2007 17:33

More power more power
Baja design and almost others in the states only do stators for XRR not the XRL. Believe me when I say I checked.

RichLees 10 Mar 2007 12:31

go for an HID setup. if you can get away with it, mount one on your helmet. 35w, but brighter and safer than an H-bomb

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