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Oz 15 Jun 2004 16:09

Dommie at altitude
I am soon to start on the sth american part of my trip and will be riding at 4000m+. Would anyone have any advice for me to ensure the dommie does not become an unridable spluttering mess. I am thinking I need to carry a smaller main jet which I have, is there anything else I need to know, all suggestions welcome.

tam 30 Sep 2004 03:16


I've been up and down a few times here now and after initial worry I just adjust the idle. You can't avoid losing power but changing the jets and all that is not needed.

Where are you two now anyway?


Oz 14 Oct 2004 22:30

Hi trys
we are in la paz at the mo, just met up with dan a few days ago. will be headed out soon. cheers for the advice re the jetting, just rode it to 5300m on the standard jet and while it was huffing and puffing it still did it. cant be bothered to go messing with it now. good to hear you have made peru, fantastic place with lots to see. will you make ushaia for xmas, if so see ya there. have a great time.

Simon Harby 15 Oct 2004 11:34

re the smaller jet, if you do change it over be sure to change it back below 3000m other wise the engine will over heat and the damage would be really bad.

For reference we had some altitude probs with our transalp but the problem didnt start until 4200 m's.
we took the airfilter out, cleaning the sparks at the same time and made it to 5200m with out too much agro, altoughh I must confess that it would NOT rev over 4500 RPM. This is where your smaller main jet would be really advantageous....

Hope this helps

www.mccs.co.uk/global for Himalayas photos..

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