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XRR 19 Aug 2003 18:01

Coolant replacement
I would like to change the thermostat in my xr650r as i've been told it is common for them to stick open. I figure i may as well swap the coolant at the same time. Do i need to flush the system before refilling it and would u guys recommnend a certain type or brand of coolant.


A.B. 21 Aug 2003 16:23

It will only need flushing if it’s dirty or if you’re going to change the coolant type. One look at the coolant and you’ll know if you need to flush the cooling system.

As for coolant it’s important to use a good quality brand designed for the temperature range you ride in. Down here in Egypt there are only 2 coolant brands and they both suck, so I mix my own from concentrated Ethylene Glycol (the anti freeze and rust inhibitor) and dilute it with distilled water (Not the battery acid type, the non acidic type used in dry cleaning and ironing).


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