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Tenere99 9 Jul 2011 17:29

Who knows where I can buy a cdi for a 1988 honda cd250u? tried ebay,david silver et al.:freezing:

fraser2312 9 Jul 2011 20:21

Ahh did you find one!

Heres a site i found while trying to put mine back on the road. It is in euros though and the CDI units are out of stock at the moment:funmeterno:

honda wire harness ignition coil partsmanual fiche cd250u

Tenere99 11 Jul 2011 21:28

Found one on ebay and arranged to pick it up on Sat'. Looked on ebay today and found another one £200 cheaper. Sods law. Mine's an ex plod bike. Cheers for the info mate.:thumbup1:

Huan 12 Jul 2011 07:52

For the record, I can recommend this company IgniTech
They can make CDI units for most bikes.
I got one for my 88 NX650 and the price was cheaper than Honda and they have a 2yr warranty.
Worth thinking about if you intend on travelling with the bike, a 2nd hand CDI can be bad as I found out to my cost.

Tenere99 22 Jul 2011 19:42

Thanks for the info' Huan.:thumbup1:

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