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jamiep 20 Apr 2010 12:39

Cam Chain Question for XR400SM in Thailand
Hi Guys/Girls,

I'm currently travelling around SE Asia on an XR400SM and a week or so ago when i was leaving Malaysia for Thailand i noticed a small clunking noise in the engine it wasn't very loud but didn't sound right but after the bike warmed up a bit it stopped so i carried on. I woke up the next morning and when i started the bike the noise was there again but slightly louder but again stopped once the engine warmed up a bit so continued on to find a more populated area i might find a descent mechanic. I made it to Phuket and when i started it the next morning the noise had become a lot worse and i didn't think it would be wise to try and ride it Bangkok plus it's a nightmare up there with all the protests going on. I found a million little bike shops in Phuket but none that made me feel comfortable about letting pull my engine apart after talking to them and seeing the state of the workshops. After asking around a few expats and trying the internet i got recommended to some guy an English guy used but he only rode a scooter so i wasn't totally convinced but decided to go down to chat to the mechanic who said "yeah sounds like your Cam Shaft" but wouldn't know until he pulled the engine apart and once he did he wouldn't be able to put it back together even if i didn't want him to fix it till he could get new gaskets from Bangkok but this could take a month as they may have to order from Japan. Walking down the road wondering what the hell i was going to do next i stumbled upon a slightly bigger bike shop with a much better looking work shop and quite a few big bikes out the back so i went in and asked the guy could he take a look and after a couple of calls said it's probably your Cam Chain so he pulled out the tensioner made a bit of an adjustment and just like that the noise was gone. He tried to find me a new tensioner but parts for an 07 XR400SM aren't exactly high in demand here. He then gave my bike a full look over, tightened a few things, lubed my chain and topped up my brake fluid and changed the Oil then didn't charge me anything except for the Oil :)

So now i'm planning on ordering the parts from back home (Sydney) and was just wondering if there is anything else i might need when replacing the Cam Chain and Chain Tensioner as in are there any other pieces that you normally need to order when changing a Cam Chain. I just want to avoid waiting several weeks for the Cam Chain to arrive and then finding out i needed some special little rubber or a seal that i missed and having to wait another 3 weeks.

Thanks in advance,

beddhist 20 Apr 2010 20:33

Hi Jamie,

Contact M Technik in Singapore. They should have everything in stock you need and they can either post it to you in Thailand or, even better, post it to you at the other side of the border (i.e. poste restante). You could take the train there to collect the parcel, unpack it and pay no duty. However, you need to consider your visa situation. I also have some Malaysian biker friends who may be able to help you out.

I'm not familiar with this particular engine, but if the cam chain has a link then all you need is the chain and some gasket sealant. Chan at M Technik should be able to tell you.

M-Technik Motorsports LLP
51 Ubi Ave 1, #05-08
Paya Ubi Industrial Park
Singapore 408933
Tel : +65 6844 8973
Fax : +65 6234 2773
email : mtechnik at singnet dot com dot sg

Please email (not PM) me if you need further help.

Wide Phil 23 May 2010 08:36

Tensioner just replaced on mine.. not cheap though £75!! Had a knocking for ages.. apprently common fault. Cam chain is also not best and people seem to change it to a far beefier CRF450 one

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