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wildwildernes 9 Sep 2007 16:25

AT what happen!?
I have 1988 Africa Twin, and now travering Europe. I have trouble.
Sometimes engine rev go down around 900-1000, and one cirinder is dead. but I push electric start, or restart engine, then it is no problem. This trouble is not often. few minutes in a day, so almost riding is OK. But I dont know what happen. Anyone know this trouble, please let me know.

Martynbiker 9 Sep 2007 16:35

stab in the dark....
without anything else to go on , I would say, its probably an electric problem......

have you been through any big/deep puddles/lakes/rivers recently?

have you powerwashed the bike recently?

have you checked your electrical connections to ignition?
any under seat or wiring harness connections?

failing that check the plugs and that the coils are giving a fat healthy spark

if it still has problems after these simple checks get in someone who knows what they are doing, even if you have to pay them

best of luck


chatocestoni 10 Sep 2007 03:52

it doesnt look like a rugular or usual problem for the AT:nono:
never happened before or heard of it , but it seems that is electrical
get the bike checked before you put some more miles on it.
ride safe


pecha72 10 Sep 2007 13:51

some ideas:

- spark plug or coil faulty, current jumps when it gets hot (dont remember if this has got twinspark heads, though, that might make this problem less probable);

- Battery (+) cable not connecting properly.. not sure about the 650, but this can make the 750 AT run very rough, not able to give throttle, but it´ll stay just around 1000rpm, only possible to ride very slowly, but its usually related to very bumpy roads, and I guess it should do it more or less all the time;

hope this is of any help.

wildwildernes 12 Sep 2007 15:43

Try checking again
Thank you for lot of advices.
I have already checked wires,coils, other electric parts and changed spark plugs. But I could not found out any problems. I slipped down in the river in Rusia, but it was 1month ago...I will ride safe.... when I find out any problems, I will report here. Thanks!

Cowhoon 16 Sep 2007 20:02

Try here...
Try asking on this site: Honda Trail Bike Forums, they have an abundance of knowledge on all things XR related.


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