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DougieB 15 Sep 2004 15:16

AT Stolen in London
Urgh. Nicked last night in Ealing, West London.


If you hear/see it please let me know, no boxes attached at the time. Due to RTW in 8 weeks, looks like I'll be back packing now


vagabond 16 Sep 2004 11:46

Bugger, I hate to read such things.
Don' expect much help from the police. Mobilise yourself and your mates and drive around your area on the chance that it was taken by some fukin' kids for a joy ride. Read this: http://www.transalp.org/phpbb2/viewt...1240f286f2a023
On the other hand, if this was done by professionals, the chances of seeing your bike again are nil.
I do hope it was insured. Best of luck.

Kiwi Pete 16 Sep 2004 17:48

Sorry to hear about your bike beign nicked Doug.

If you need a hand setting up a new one or with anything else, mail me (the mail address in your profile returned an undeliverable message)

(guy that rode up to the HU meet with ya)

DougieB 20 Sep 2004 00:38

cheers Pete.

the AT has been seen ridden across some field/park by two youngsters with no helmets. No danger of it coming back in a decent state I don't think.

looking for an alternative bike now. There's an Enfield dealer half a mile from my house....

colesyboy 20 Sep 2004 04:10

Bastards! I hope they all get some disease and die a slow death.

Mate, that is bad news. It's a shocker. Nevr fear though, something good will happen, it always does after stuff like this.

Doing anything next week? Fancy that coffee at munsons if you have time? Give me a shout / mail me - I tried your mail address from the profile, but had problems - mail me at colesyboy@lycos.com

Cheers and chin up mate, at least you are getting out of this poo hole!



colesyboy 20 Sep 2004 04:12

As I live in Ealing, I'll be scrutinising EVERY AT I see mate.


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