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paul_r 28 Feb 2006 01:28

AT Fuel Tanks
Having searched through the entire Honda Tech section and also Being very indecisive I cant decide whether to get a bigger fuel tank for my '99 AT or not. I plan to do the trans am trail, south america, australia and asia. I have found bigger tanks on touratech and african queens.

The questions are whether they are worth the money, whether it will be required and is there anyone else who will do one cheaper or a better option.

Kind regards


MarkyB 1 Mar 2006 15:24


From the blurb on the TransAm website, it says that each stage is approximately 200 miles long (if you plan to stay at the motels). Therefore, there will more than likely be a fuel stop at least every 200 miles. I suspect however, you won't be more than a stone throw away from fuel along the majority of the route because:

1. It's America and they love petrol.
2. Tinny tanked trail bikes appear to have done the trail with very little in the way of extra jerry cans.

When are you planning to start? I'm taking my AT across around the start of July, then heading down to Central and South America around September time.


paul_r 1 Mar 2006 15:27

Hi Mark,

Very lose plan at this stage because I am still not sure it will happen but I am working on a depature date into New York of 12th June, with the plan to be bottom of Argentina for christmas.

Any ideas on whether additional or more fuel will be required in South America.


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MarkyB 1 Mar 2006 16:17

Good news. If you do get across, let me know your progress. Perhaps we hook up at some point.

Fuel in South America? I suppose it depends on how far you are thinking about straying from the main arterial routes. Again, I would imagine there is a decent scattering of fuel stops along the TransAmerican Highway.

At present, my thoughts are that I'm going to stick with the standard 23 litre tank and see how it goes. If it looks / sounds as if the population / fuel stops are thinning out, I'll try and get a separate fuel container and strap it to the bike.

I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted here, however if you are looking for info about AT bolt-ons, you won't go far wrong with:



Simon Kennedy 2 Mar 2006 01:09


I did all those routes and never needed extra fuel on my Transalp with AT tank.

The only times I ran out of fuel were:
1. In Reno (cause, sheer stupidity)
2. Iran (cause, sheer stupidity)

There's fuel everywhere. If you go off into the backwoods you can do the gerrycan thing.

The PanAm has fuel aplenty.

Look at it this way, one Africa Queens fuel tank is at least two months on the beach in Goa drinking and eating as much as you please. With change for extras.

Simon Kennedy

paul_r 2 Mar 2006 01:13


Thanks for that. Am the moment am not buying bigger tank. Will see what progresses over the next couple of months



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