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Splint 14 Aug 2005 02:12

AT Clutch noise
Am concerned with clutch noise on my 99' AT 55000km, when pulling in the clutch it goes away and when releasing it reappears or when in neutral. What I have been told is that there are a couple of rivets on the clutch basket that wear and therefore the basket has vibration causing the noise. This can be apparently sorted out by tig-welding the now loose clutch basket to whatever and the problem's solved. It does not seem to have worsened in the 7000km I've put on it but it iritates me and prevention is better than cure. Does anyone have some advice for me out there.

martync 14 Aug 2005 15:58

If I were you I'd leave it until it stops working, they all rattle especially if you have semi synth oil. My alp rattles like a bag of spanners but goes OK albeit slowly.

If when warm you are in gear with the clutch in and at stand still, you rev the bike and it seems to pull and try to move forward then the basket has grooves on it which need filing off. If you rev when in gear and you go no where then you need new plates, non of which are more than an hour or so to fix so until either one of these happens I'd let it rattle. I personally also make sure cables are all OK as Ive at one point thought i had a brokenn clutch which turned out to be a cable which needed replacing

hope this helps and I'm sure more mechanically minded people could add to this

gibbo 14 Aug 2005 16:38

Africa Twin clutches rattle like that, dont worry about it.
Check out www.xrv.org.uk the topic has been discussed in depth there.


electric_monk 17 Aug 2005 06:30

Mine rattled all the way through 80000 miles before it needed changing. Don't sweat it.

Splint 17 Aug 2005 16:13

Thankyou all, for such speeedy replies. I checked out the website that Gibbo mentioned and got all the info I needed to lay my mind to rest. Rattle it will til the day it dies.

Alex Rubtsov 18 Aug 2005 20:20

I have the same problem. You can see this link: http://africatwin.de/phpbb_x/viewtop...=kupplungskorb
As for me I would not do it like Rudi )) (see link).


Chris Smith 22 Aug 2005 10:27

My clutch is fantastic. Its never rattled ever. I love my AT. How dare you say an AT has a rattle!

The gear box is like a bag of spanners though but that´s character!

Chris (in South America - not at home ´cos I sold it)

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