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Simon Kennedy 1 Apr 2005 14:27

all gone dead
Maybe someone can help me with this one.

I plugged in a small electric pump to the 12V connector on my GL1000 in order to inflate the tyres. The pump was very cheap. I tested it first before attaching the nozzle to the tyre valve. It pumped.

Next I attached the nozzle to the valve, turn on the pump switch and DEAD. Nothing. All the lights are out. NO electrics work.

I found a blown 5amp fuse in the fuse box. I have replaced this, but still nothing. The oil light is not on, the neutral light is not on, no headlights work, nothing.

What is the next step? I tried drinking coffee, but no bulbs are lighting over my head.

Oh yeah, I have thrown away the pump.

GL1000 with EML sidecar.

peegee 1 Apr 2005 15:34

On many bikes Honda haves main fuse near starter relay. You could propably find fuse if you follow positive cable from battery.


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