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colesyboy 27 Jan 2004 22:16

Africa Twin keeps stopping as if no fuel
Hi guys,

Not sure if this is a fuel pump problem, but my bike has stopped like it runs out of fuel all of a sundden, then I turn everthing off and wait for 10 mins, need to apply choke and then notice that it will idle but any more throttle kills it. Then try 2 or 3 more times with and without choke and it starts - albiet with a feeling of slight loss of power.

This has happend 4 times now on my journey around the americas in the past 5 months. I feel that I need to do something about it, but not 100% sure that it is the fuel pump problem.

I'm not a mechanic, but can do the simple maintenence stuff.

Any help much appreciated.


martync 27 Jan 2004 23:58

do a search on africa twin and you will see the amount of posts on broken fuel pumps !

mmaarten 28 Jan 2004 02:21


It,s probably the fuelpump... I would put a bet on it.

Open it (only one scre) and check the contact,s... You,ll see soon enaugh.

How many km on this pump?

Exchange it for a diferent one. Electrical (centrifugal) and connect to the ignition-power lead. Or use a vacuum one...

Check www.atic.org for lots of info.

Maarten (have a carter-moghul pump)

- www.maartensworld.com -
- Some photo's -

colesyboy 3 Feb 2004 08:09

Cheers all,

I will open up the pump to check the contacts, not exactly sure what I should be looking at, can you give me some clues please ?(as I am clueless).

Am in Mexico DF and will start looking for a spare pump - did I hear right that a Honda Shadow pump will do? They dont have AT pumps here.

Cheers guys


javkap 4 Feb 2004 16:43

Hi Brian
Just like Maarten say (there is where you will find the clues):
Check http://www.africatwin.de/faq/faq_benzinpumpe.htm I know is in German but you can use the http://babel.altavista.com/translate...anslate_me=yes

Here in Argentina a friend of me put a car pump and it’s Ok, tomorrow I can give you more date of that or tray whit any vacuum Yamaha pump.

I suppose any Honda pump are the same, my AT was working years whit a CBR1000F used pump
Before I change just in case. Now are in me package wend I travel (just in case).
Hope this help

Hola Maarten
How is your shock now?
Where are you now?

bayonet 5 Feb 2004 01:52

I've heard that Honda CBR600 pumps work and that the new KTM950s have exactly the same pump as the AT original. Africa Queens do a Mikuni vacuum pump with fitting bracket for about £50. Mine's on it's third pump. Two original Honda electric and now the Mikuni vacuum.

electric_monk 5 Feb 2004 18:29

I know I am about to put the "mockers" on myself but I still am quite bemused every time someone mentions the dreaded AT fuel pump. When I bought my twin it had just spent eight hours submerged up to the top of the screen in a flooded underground carpark. I have had it for almost two years now and have done around 60,000 miles. At different points in the two years, various connector blocks have had to be revisited for cleaning. The fuel pump however has never missed a beat in all that time.
Now, I'm just off down to my local supplier to order a replacement, seeing as how I have just poked Fate in the eye with a pointy stick.


bayonet 6 Feb 2004 03:10

That's why I'm only getting an average of 45,000 miles per fuel pump..... I'm not filling it with flood water at the recommended intervals.

electric_monk 6 Feb 2004 05:58

Undredged Dublin Canal water gets the best out of it.


colesyboy 6 Feb 2004 20:49

excellent guys,

Thanks for the tips and the laughs in answering the question here, of to find a honda garage in mexico city to buy a pump of some kind that will do....hoping the geezers here will understand what im on about.

nice one!



colesyboy 13 Feb 2004 06:22

Just to follow this up - I checked out the fuel pump, and yup, it was knackered, the contacts in the pump looked poo, so asked around for a pump and finally got a car pump.

Set off today and did 420km of uninteruppted travel, changed the oil and shes hummin like a goodun, v happy.

Cheers again


DougieB 13 Feb 2004 13:34

Good News!

Looked through your website, cool. I'm in Chiswick and have a red/blue/white AT. Setting off just after Christmas on a RTW trip. Where's Munsons coffee shop then, couldn't find their address?


colesyboy 14 Feb 2004 03:47

Hey dougieb,

Amazing! Just down the road from me, munsons is on the south ealing road, as it turns into st marys rd the shop is on your right just past st marys church! If you check it out, then say hi to them from me, their site is


Top place!

I am back in August mate so keep in touch we will have to meet up before you head off at Christmas.

You have the right bike mate, I cannot believe the amount of crap I have thrown at her and she just keeps on going!

Oletimer 17 Feb 2004 07:00

Howdy all, hey, whats going on here? Whats all this talk about knackered fool pumpz? I'm beginning to think that they are just figments of your warped immaginations or maybe BAD bedtime stories to scare us all into becoming ARMCHAIR travellers!!!!
Haven't you heard....... HONDA SAYS THEY'VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS SUPPOSED PROBLEM - and THEY should know - who do you think is collecting all the dosh for these pumps that NEVER fail???????????????
Just my two penneth,
Cheers Oletimer (George)

DougieB 18 Feb 2004 16:04

I can confirm Munsons is a fantastic coffee shop! Best coconut slices I've had in years...

I'll look forward to meeting up in August, at Munsons of course.

How do you rate your Shoei lid? I bought a Syncrotech 2 a few weeks ago, and am planning to use it for the trip away.

Email me, the address is in the profile.


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