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africa twin jubilee 10 Jan 2010 08:29

africa twin info
does`anyone know any thing about the jubilee model? what year was it made and`what colour was the original one?

electric_monk 10 Jan 2010 09:39

Never heard of it mate.:welcome:

Caminando 10 Jan 2010 11:52

Me neither.:welcome:

kevinhancock750 11 Jan 2010 09:22

nor me!:mchappy:

trophydave 11 Jan 2010 13:28

Nope,never heard of it.There was an anniversary model of the Transalp made in,I think,1999.Not thinking of that are you?

Dazzerrtw 11 Jan 2010 18:04

see if you can see what your looking for here

Africa Twin - Honda Trail Bike Wiki

kenymact 8 Feb 2010 07:12

Try posting on http://www.xrv.org.uk/forums/africa-twin/as those guys know lots.....

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