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maximuski 12 Dec 2010 23:29

Africa Twin "Cylinder sub assy., fr brake master (nissin)" Broken!
Hi all,

Stupid story: I arrived to Quito, Ecuador on thursday night. I left the bike on the side stand over the grass and it seems the bike dropped during the night. What I can't explain is that the right hand mirror got broken (not the left one). I guess somebody tried to pick up the bike and dropped to the other side. The bad news is the mirror wasn't the only thing broken. The base of the mirror which is part of the front bake liquid reservoir got broken as well. It is just so stupid.doh

I've tried to 'glue' the broken part using some epoxic mixture for metals but it breaks again when I try to screw a new-cheap mirror that I bought. I will try to fix it again but vibration will break it soon.

I found an AT parts manual on internet, this is the broken part (in the red circle):


I think the part is the number 11 and it is called "Cylinder sub assy., fr brake master (nissin)" and part number is 45510-MV1-305

I couldn't find that part on internet, I've found similar part numbers in a website but they are not listed in my parts manual, and the names are so similar/confusing for me.

- Looking at the diagram, do you agree that the part that I need is the number 11?
- Where can I find and buy this part?
- It is possible the parts manual I found is for a different AT year/model and this is why I can't find the part for my yeal/model. Mine is a JH2RD07A (2000)

So I'm stuck here. :(

Any help will be appreciated.

owle 13 Dec 2010 11:32


David Silver Spares - 45510-MV1-305 That is the part you are looking for.

But if the master cycinder is not leaking and is secured to the bars then make a bracket for the mirror.

chris 13 Dec 2010 14:29

I concur with the above poster. Glue and cable tie your master cylinder on. Attach a replacement mirror somehow. Find an engineering shop and they will be able to help.

good luck

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