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deebee 6 Sep 2012 10:50

93 transalp running problem
my 93 xl600 transalp has developed a fault with the running. When riding it has an intermittent fault where in it loses power and wont rev properly, and to my ears it sounds like its fuel starvation as it makes a kind of baaaaaaaaaaaahhhh baaaaaaaaaaahhhhh noise when the throttle is opened, and wont rev properly and is very low on power. (no it isnt a sheep stuck in the air filter)

once the fault starts it stays low on power and wont rev, but every now and then it clears and gives full power again, but only breifly maybe 1 or 2 seconds then goes back to low power/not revving again.

ive looked at the fuel tap and checked the tap diaphram. cant see anything wrong.

the air filter isnt blocked, nor is any of the ducting to the carbs.

all the rubber seals and gaskets seem ok, and the rubber joining pipes and jubilee clips all look good.

all the cables are adjusted and operating properly

the fuel in the tank is all fresh.

im only ASSUMING that its a fueling problem, i havent checked the igniton system at all, other than to check that both cylinders have a spark, which they do.

any advice??

ta-rider 6 Sep 2012 11:24


The Transalp is known to have CDI problems sometimes because the seat bends down over the years and breaks off the conector plug while the CDI are standing upright...you can check one of them if your rpm clock goes to 0 while loosing power
To check the other CDI just replace them with each other and watch the clock again.

The baaaam baaaaam sound you descripes can be unburned fuel comes together and finaly burnes with hot gas from the other cylinder in the exoust pipe...

more help you will find at http://www.transalp.de

Good luck, Tobi

deebee 6 Sep 2012 14:25

hey thanks for the reply :) thats a great tip about how to check the cdi units, thanks. the tacho doesnt move as it is now, but ill swap the cdi units over and see if it makes any difference.

ive just taken the carbs off and dropped them off to be inspected and be ultrasonically cleaned as i have no idea when it was last done. when i get them back ill check the cdi units

cheers, Dan.

ta-rider 6 Sep 2012 15:38


No i dont talk about the tacho. The tacho is moving as soon as you turn the front wheel but i ment the rev counter wich shows the turns per minute of the engine. New replacement CDI can be bought here (i could ship them down to you if you need them)

Digitale CDI "Dual Line" für Honda Transalp, 139,00 €

Hope is helps, Tobi

chris 6 Sep 2012 22:14

+1 on the cdi being the problem. My '88 TA showed the same symptoms in Kyrgyzstan this summer. It has 2 cdis, one for each cylinder. I took the seat off and one cdi was cold and one hot to touch.

I replaced the cold cdi for a spare I had and the bike ran fine after that.

Good luck,

deebee 7 Sep 2012 16:05

Ok, so I've had the carbs checked over and cleaned and I'm told that they were in remarkably good condition, just needed a little bit of a clean. So now what? Cdi unit?

What the best way to test them?

chris 7 Sep 2012 16:26


deebee 9 Sep 2012 00:41

Ok, so the carbs are all back on, the bike is up and running again and it's running a lot smoother and the tickover is much much better. I've swapped the cdi units over to see if the tacho is affected at all but it seems ok. I'll give it a good run tomorrow and see if the problem has been fixed. Oh, and I've cleaned all the connections on the ignition to make that that isn't the problem.

deebee 17 Sep 2012 12:03

Hello again! The running problem was gone for a while and now it's back again, but as I followed the advice and switched the cdi units over I can now see that when the bike loses power I also lose the tacho and in guessing that this is pretty much a sign that the problem is the cdi unit. I've found another one but uts from a 96 xl600 and mine is a 93 Xl600.

Is there a difference in the cdi units? I'm assuming that if it's from the 600cc variant then it will be the same? But the you know what they say about assumption being the mother of all f**k ups!

roger2002 17 Sep 2012 15:22

Used electronic parts
Are you sure you want to buy used electronics? Most wholesalers won't even accept returns if the package is opened never mind if it's been installed. I personally always buy new parts and then I know the someone isn't selling me their broken part and if the problem isn't fixed, I can eliminate one component as the cause.

ta-rider 17 Sep 2012 15:36


I think if the plug fits it should be ok only the 88er ons have a different side stand cable but as you see the problem only comes back now and then you cant be shure the used part you want to bay does not have the same problem. If you want i can get you one of the dicital replacement cdi for 130.- Euro + Shiping. The company it just in the same city in wich i am and i dont belong to it only want to help and i use them as well:

Honda CDIs: CDI für Honda XL600/XR600 - CDI-Taschen für Honda Transalp - Digitale CDI "Dual Line" für Honda Transalp

Travel save, Tobi

MooN 20 Dec 2012 22:20

just as a follow on to this problem, which I hope you"ve fixed by now...

the problem is caused by the underside of the seat base tapping the top (connector end) of the cdi's & breaking some of the connections on the internal circuit board. Some people have opened the cdi's & re soldered the 6 connections behind the plug & solved the problem that way. Yes you have to use a dremel or a fine saw blade & cut open the unit without damaging the curcuit board inside I have tried this fix myself & failed miserably doh:thumbdown:

Once you have replaced the faulty cdi you need to reposition the cdi units under the seat. they are originally fitted upright, with the plug at the top thus: I I, you need to position them lying on their sides thus: = (they actually fit one behind the other in this position) Honda do supply a proper holder that puts them in this position & was fitted as standard from, I think '94 (or possibly '96?) This arrangement puts them further below the seat base & avoids the tapping & therefore a reoccurence of the problem. Been there. done that. bier

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