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tigs 18 Jan 2012 21:21

Visa + accommodation SW Russia.
Hi guys!

I'm planning a trip from England to Eastern Europe from May this year. Into Russia from Georgia (if the borders open) or if not getting a ferry from Trabzon in Turkey. To get a visa I need to give an address of where I'm staying. As I'll be travelling through Russia I wont be staying anywhere for more than a couple of nights but was going to just give the name of a hotel/hostel that I was starting at. That seems to be the way its done. Does anyone know of any biker friendly accommodation between the Sochi and Volgograd region of Russia that I might be able to use as an address? Not sure how to go about getting a visa without some kind of address in advance.

Cheers all!

Tony P 18 Jan 2012 22:21

Not quite right.
To obtain a Visa you need an Invitation not necessarily an address.

If applying for a Tourist Visa you must provide proof of where you are 'staying' at least for some of the time. Agencies can provide all or part of this - for a fee.

If applying for a Business Visa no address is required but you need an Invitation originating from an organisation in RUS. Again Agencies can provide all or part of this - for a fee.

Once you have a Visa there is no interest in what anyone said to get it.

Once in RUS you must obtain Registration at an address within 7 business days of entry. This has no connection with Visa information and is done by hotels or friends where you stay. If touring and not staying anywhere for 7 business days just keep some proof (receipts, credit card slips etc) of being in different places should the local police enquire.

Registrations are really a local police matter and of no interest to the Border officials who are only interested you complied with your Visa dates.

roadruns 19 Jan 2012 09:18

Great information TonyP. World Superbikes at Moscow this year, for the first time.

tigs 22 Jan 2012 21:02


Yeah I was planning on a tourist visa hence the address bit as well. Maybe I'll try and find an agency willing to supply address as well as invitation didn't realise they'd do that as well.... if not I guess if you say they're not really bothered what you say when you're actually out there I could always just stick down a hotel/hostel near the start of the Russian chapter of my travels.

Thanks loads for the info... useful stuff, :mchappy:

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