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davontour 9 Mar 2009 12:13

Tyres for Morrocco
I need to pick up some Conti TKC80's prior to going off to Morrocco. Anyone know any suppliers near Tarifa for purchase and fitment?


Fantastic Mister Fox 15 Aug 2010 21:05

Tyres For Morrocco
Sorry to reserect an old thread but had a quick search and couldn't find what i'm looking for
I'm currently planning a trip to morrocco leaving the UK next June travelling through france and spain in 3 days (there and back).

I'll be going on an MT350.

What tyres would you suggest for Morocco - ideally I'd like them to manage the slog down and some of the rocky of the beaten track stuff in Morocco.

So really they need to last 5000 miles tarmac and rocks.

Or is it better to change tyres in gibraltar??

dave ett 15 Aug 2010 21:21

Heidenau K60. Used them in October last year, andd currently have 6000 miles on them. Reckon there's about 2000 more to come.

I took the ferry to Spain, rode through Spain and then Morocco, then rode all the way back to the channel. All in about 4000 miles and the tyres were brilliant. Motorway speeds to rocky tracks, all taken in their stride.

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