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Dicky 10 Jan 2003 01:06

Travel in Bulgaria
We (wife and I) are off to Bulgaria last week in March, first two weeks in April. Has anybody out there got any recommendations regarding must see sites? We have the Rough Guide but would appreciate views from fellow bikers along with suggestions for the best route overland from Calais.

Are there any Bulgarian bikers out there who would like to meet up?


David and Juliet

DESO 10 Jan 2003 15:00

Hi Dicky,
My name is Deso and I belong to the bikers' society in Bulgaria (motorcylce touring club - Sofia).
I will be gald to meet you in Bulgaria (Sofia).
Here is my cellular phone number:
+359 88 940 768
e-mail: desislav@flag.bg
I saw in the Forum other people from UK who like to come to Bulgaria in the beginning of June.
Our group will travel through Greece down to island of Crete through Rodos island and all the way up to Turkey for the period - end of May till mid June. If you like to make your trip longer, you are welcome to join us.
I will send two pictures of our group to your e-mail.
Wish you luck, Deso

gav_xjr 15 Jan 2003 04:39

You will love Bulgaria. I recommend the Rila Mountains and Rila Monastry , also Pirin and Bansko further south. I am in love with that part of the world.
In bulgaria watch out for speed traps - they have lovely new main roads and they were supplied with new speed guns as well. No major hassle you pay fine as you leave but not best way to meet local police.
If you are heading that way I suggest you visit romania. Amazing country, the people have huge hearts. Makes a nice variation on doing a circuit - and if time is limited spend more time there. I promise you will fall in love with the country. It is special.
I recommend Trnsylvania, Brasov, the Carpathians www.clcp.ro , Trans Fargasian Highway. If you want to just cut through south west romania then this good too Danube amazing in south, nr carrensebes a really bike freindly area, beautiful scenery and accomodation availible linked with a sustainable tourism and off road motorcylce project that works! now a good small scale tourism network in mountains. www.enduromania.ro
it is very cheap and the money you spend makes a real difference locally.
And on return route through Hungary call in at budapest ace city and best place to stay www.bikercamp.hu - a real garden of eden and amazing host zolst 20% discount if on 2 wheels.
Anyone wanting advice on region feel free to ring me 07939 135064 - serbia is cool too. Novi Sad is bike city - in the old way.Amazing welcome from local crew. I can give you some contacts if you wish.

Go there and have fun - seriously I am not on commision from Balkan tourist board but that area is so special and forget any horror stories you hear - I dropped a large note in Sighisoaria (well worth visit Viscri -transylvanian saxon villages as well -nr Rupea) and 3 people spent an hour looking for me to return it! bearing mind average wage £50 a month! that wouldnt happen in uk.
I could go on for hours...in fact i am back in Romania on weds by plane this time! Oh probally good you are taking wife - shecan look after your heart - i travelled solo and lost mine there! Girls are so beautiful...

feel free to make contact - have loads of good accom to recommend - spent 6 weeks in 2002 in region. Happy to share info


gav_xjr 15 Jan 2003 04:50

Oh and and forget anything rough guide says about roads - they are better than those in Derbyshire!!

DESO 15 Jan 2003 13:40

Hi Dicky,
Thear is some problems whit the e-maill. That question about the blonde was really funny http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif I am behind the camera on that picture. These pics were samples for motor-tourism for our group. I will send you now a pic of me.
I will be glad to help you about any specific questions on Bulgaria you may have. If you intend to buy any property in Bulgaria, you shouldn't do it through internet but directly with real-estate agencies.
Looking forward for your call when you both arrive.

oldbiker 27 Jan 2003 21:35

Hi dicky, yes i cannot but agree nice people I traveled by on my own and had a wonderful time, go to the black sea and the bakans, the way i went was. take the main route to Budapest and then to Bucuresti and over the boder into a town called Russe, the station was on the route of the original Orient Express, Very Few tourists, i then went to Yana, Burgas and headed inland to Plovdivn and into the balkans staying in the mountains the weather can be a bit rough but worth it. and on back toward russe. It took me 2.5 days to get to Russe. Roads I found to be fine, Romania very poor in the north no credit cards although plenty of ATM's and everywhere will take the EURO.
Have a good trip Paul

Dicky 28 Jan 2003 02:38

Hi Deso,Gavin and Paul,

Many thanks to your replies to my request for help. Juliet and I are both fired up for the trip ahead. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia a couple of years back whick kick -started our fascination with Eastern Europe. I vividly remember doing border patrols of the West/East german border about 15 years ago in a British Army landrover and being rather daunted by what may (or may not) have existed beyond the wire. Most of my time was spent considering how to counter the "threat". Back then, as a serving Army officer, my freedom to explore another world was severely limited. How things have changed!! I must also add that Sue and Grant, and of course Maarten, have provided all motorcyclists with the spirit of adventure running through their veins a fantastic forum in which to share experiences.

Take care,

David and Juliet

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