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bfgjohno 25 Sep 2006 16:57

TransEuro 2007
Hi, a small group of us are in the process of putting together a North Sea to Gibraltar route for next year.

The idea is to string together as much off tarmac sections as possible - legal unsurfaced local roads and gravel type terrain rather than nadgery stuff (similar to the US's TransAm). We will be using Teneres, Africa Twins and a KTM 525EXC (monkey-butt on the horizon!)

We have been fortunate so far with encouraging noises from differnet local organisations and clubs and have so far:
1000km, 50% off tar through the Netherlands
850km 80% off tar from the French Ardennes to the Grenoble area
1600km, 80% off tar from Andorra to the Portuguese coast
800km 99% off tar down the Portuguese coast to Huelva in Spain

Belgium and France have their own problems at present with the Code Olin etc and access to off tar routes. Any info or routes traversing these two countries would be most welcome. In Belgium: Brabant to the point where the Meuse/Maas leaves France to enter Belgium. In France, from Grenoble to The Gironde or Andorra.

Naturally any contributors to the final route would have access to the whole thing.



peterdoyle 25 Sep 2006 17:52

2007 Euro
Are you taking guests ?

We were going from Santander to Morocco but this sounds good ?

bfgjohno 25 Sep 2006 20:33

Depending on how legal the route ends up (hopefully 100%) we would hope to spread word of the route but for this first run we're just going to run it with 4-5 of us.

Enjoy Morocco - one of our team has a roadbook from N to S there so who knows................


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