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CornishDeity 23 Dec 2006 11:57

Tips for Places to Visit in Portugal
Hi there,

We're just starting to plan a 3 week trip to Portugal, and the research is just beginning. Does anyone have any personal recommendations where we should visit?

We are taking our Landy down for a wedding based in Peso da Regua, and then will have about ten days to tour around. We arrive at the end of June.

I've got the lonely planet coming my way, and am obviously searching here and the rest of the web, but thought I'd see if anyone else has some ideas.

Thanks in advance

usl 23 Dec 2006 13:33

Hi ;

Sagres ... higly recommended ...just wonderfull.


DavePortugal 23 Dec 2006 21:44

Sagres is nice but generally you have to avoid the Algarve if you want to see anything authentically Portuguese. The Douro Valley in the North, Gois, Coimbra, the Serra da Estrella, Lisbon and the silver coast, the Alentejo coast and the Alto Alentejo near the border with Spain, especially Castello de Vide, Marvao and Evora are all must sees in my book. If you want to get the Landy off-road I'd be happy to suggest a few trails. Have a great trip.

CornishDeity 24 Dec 2006 16:31

Food for thought
Well theres certainly food for thought there. Thanks Guys! I'm not sure whether time will permit for us to get right down south, but once I've had a good look I'll know for sure.

As for the tracks Dave, I'll probably come back to you on that later in the year, as once we have a firm itinerary we can plan stuff like that.

Thanks for both your replies and hope you both have a very merry Christmas!!


DesertSoul 27 Dec 2006 00:11

Hi CornishDeity,

From the written I concluded you might be interested in some off-road. If that's the case, and given you're travelling with an LR, try to establish a contact with the Clube Land Rover de Portugal through their web page http://www.clubelandroverdeportugal.com/index.php
There is a button "Contactos" in the upper right corner of the page which leads you to the full address.

DaveSmith 27 Dec 2006 20:21

I'm thinking about seeing if I can get a job teaching English (or, at least the American version of English) in Portugal next winter. If not in Portugal, than maybe Cairo. Any ideas on that?

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