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Boxertwinuk 8 Feb 2008 09:29

Spinal Research rideout to Le Touquet, France from UK
Hi Guys,

I am organising a daytrip over to Le Touquet in conjunction with Spinal Research UK. It will be taking place on the Saturday 7th of June leaving between 8.30 - 9.30am from Eurotunnel in Folkestone and coming back early evening.

Le Touquet is a lovely little town about 40 miles from Calais and it's where the L'Enduro beach races takes place each year. The plan is to take a leisurely ride over using some of the fantastic back roads in the area, have lunch in Le Touquet, spend a coupla hours in the town / beach and then head home.

Approximate costing will be around £50 which will include the Train ticket for the bike (a pillion can also be taken at no extra cost), so that's what you will need to raise or give yourself. You buy your own lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area. Ride out leaders will be taking groups from Calais to the town, so no worries of getting lost...!

Sponsorship forms to help raise the cash will be provided for those who would like them.

Please put your names down if you can make it along, it would be great to see a group of Horizon's Travellers taking part and remember it'll be helping to raise money for Spinal Research...see here for details on the important work they carry out... Spinal Research

Pic of the beachfront:



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