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lockyv7 8 Mar 2010 11:35

Someone to look after two bikes while in Paris
We will be traveling in europe this year and are going to stay in Paris for a few days to do the tourest thing the first week of September but didnt want take the bikes in, three of us on two bikes. Looking for someone that can garage our bikes, or chain them in the back yard while we train it in to Paris for a few days. A couple of older BMW's, there house trained. Locky.

ta-all-the-way 8 Mar 2010 12:01

Hi There, I'm a fellow southern hemispherian, South African. I live in La Charité-sur-Loire, it's two hours south of Paris on the Train, I'd be more than happy to store your bikes in my small garage for the time you need. Might even be able to organise spare beds and couch. Barbie, and beer of course.
Let me know when you're planning.

MooN 8 Mar 2010 21:36

Pat ya tart! you beat me to it! LOL

I also am a couple of hours south of Paris by train.Can't provide beds though & certainly not a barbie on tha scale that Pat can!:thumbup1:. Still, offers there if pat's doesn't work for whatever reason.


lockyv7 8 Mar 2010 21:56

Thanks Patrick and Moon, how often and how much is the train to Paris from where you guys are, i have looked on the Google maps and see where you are, we will be getting a ferry to Calais leaving the bikes somewhere while in Paris for a few days, i have traveled over there a few times but it is my girlfriends first trip and do you think she is going to let me ride right past Paris without stoping. After Paris i had a a camping park in Epinal as our next stop then across the Alps. Locky.

moroney85 9 Mar 2010 01:25

Hey Locy, when are you going to Paris?

ta-all-the-way 9 Mar 2010 10:06

Hey, Hi Moon, long time no see. I came up your way last year, did your secretary give you the message. I was there for my welcoming cup o tea, but you were busy elsewhere. Let's hook up sometime, once the polar winds have lifted.

Hi Locy, If you're arriving in Calais, I doubt you'd be wanting to go past Paris 2 hours south, to then train back up, it just seems pointless. The offer is still on if you want a way point. I'm going to have a look into lock ups for you around Paris, I know Airport does them, that might be your best bet.

I'll get back to you.

Hey moon, if they come over, you're welcome for the barbie too mate.


ta-all-the-way 9 Mar 2010 10:54

Right I'm back with some info
Charles de Gaulle:

Motorcycle parking - Aéroports de Paris

This is Charles de Gaulle, it might be more expensive then Orly (It is, it's 3 times the price for 10 - 24hrs).
Otherwise Orly :

Motorcycle parking - Aéroports de Paris

From Orly you could still go down the A6/A77 into the burgundy/nievre, less major roads, or Rather the A6 down towards Auxerre/ Beaune/ Macon (Burgundy). A road all Parisiens and people from the North take to go to the Alps. You can also easily hook up to the A5 for your direction to Epinal.
Anyway, the options are open and you guys are still more than welcome.

lockyv7 9 Mar 2010 12:42

Not sure about the parking at the Aeroports, all our gear, camping and stuff will be staying with the bikes. Most of the roads we use are 'N' or 'D' roads and the like were not big on freeways. We have plenty of time and have also e-mailed the French BMW owners, not that thay have answered as yet. We have until September so no hurry, i have managed to find a cheap R850R for 1250British pounds that i have got someone to pick up for me already so are getting thing into place. We will be doing a lap around the Alps before going to Spain and morocco so may take you up on the BBQ and beer on the way back.
Or could head for the Alps first then come back past where you are and do Paris from there befour heading to Spain. Locky.

MooN 10 Mar 2010 22:51

Train from Auxerre (me) to paris would cost about 50€ for 2 people. The trip takes about an hour & a half.

However, Pat is right about coming from Calais, past Paris & then training back up to Paris for a couple of days. Seems a bit of a shame. I would expect the price of a lock up to be prohibitive. I would also encourage you to avaid Paris by bike, unless you're used to riding in big cities with agressive traffic.

If you're thinking of riding down to the alps, then across to near Pat's & thence to spain... might I suggest you look at a map with a scale on it...:innocent: (though I know you antipodeans have a different concept of distance to us europeans...)


lockyv7 10 Mar 2010 23:26

Hi Moon, i have a good map here that i used when there last year, last year we picked up a couple of old BM's from e-bay in the UK and went to the Super bikes in Massino then up to Assen for the TT the next week so the distance is no problem, 400 to 500 K's per day is an easy ride, we dont mind putting in the hours. I see that there is a Horizons meeting in Malaga Spain so will try to get to that befour heading to morocco.
I even got this hat last year so i would blend in, i know i look so much like a local that you can hardly even see me. Ha. Locky.


ta-all-the-way 11 Mar 2010 10:05

Hi Locky

Train prices :
Price per person : 30 Euros (2hours) La Charité - Paris (Bercy)

Well what ever your plans, the offer is still available. Here's my email, email me and I'll give you my number for when you're in the Area.


Ps: Great Photo, um I don't think I'd be able to get all those bikes into my garage. ha ha. You do look the part, Bonjour Monsieur, only the Oz stickers gives it away, then again patriotism is everything.

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