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chris 21 May 2009 11:19

Seeking bike parking near(ish) Malaga
Hi guys
Recently bought a 1995 Africa Twin on impulse (as you do: I liked the colour :innocent: ) and am now looking for excuses to use it…. Don’t tell the wife.:nono:
I’ll be riding it to southern Spain in October, hoping to park it somewhere near Malaga (Malaga airport is the best for me to access to/from the UK), then crossing to Morocco and beyond at Christmas (to Dakar: 2 weeks school holidays: I’m a teacher) and Easter 2010 (Dakar to Timbuktu: 2 weeks).
Do you know of anywhere to park it (outside or in a shed/barn is fine) between about 30th October and 19th December 2009, ideally not too far from Malaga airport?
Any input gratefully received. Please post here, PM me or email me via my website.

Michael_London 8 Jun 2009 14:00

Just an idea but try speaking to campsites in the area?

they may have somewhere under-cover that they'd let you park the bike for a reasonable price? Peeps leave caravans and the like at campsites all year so i cant see why they would not be interested.

Or buy a cover and leave it outside somewhere at a campsite.

chris 8 Jun 2009 14:43

Hi Michael
Thanks for your reply. I've found somewhere about 1/2 hour in a taxi away from the airport: On a mate's property in the open, but under a bike cover.

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