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jkrijt 21 Jul 2006 14:35

Scandinavia on a F650GS
This month I made a trip with my BMW F650GS to the North Cape.
A report of this trip with foto's is on my site;

santhasz 24 Jul 2006 14:38

Great web page!

I where there last years started from Romania and went through Hungary - Slovakia - Poland - Lituania - Latvia - Estonia - Finland - Norway - Denmark - Holland - Germany - Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Romania, totally 11.976 km by a Suzuki GSX 1300R and with my wife.

All was very beautiful, but expansive for an Eastern European rider.

I have no web page, but if you know German, you can read about this (and much more) trip at my friend's webpage who we met in Finland: http://www.nordlandtourer.de/


jkrijt 25 Jul 2006 08:17

Hi Szabi,

Starting from Romania..... that is a very long trip. I guess you could save time by going fast with your GSX 1300R on the autobahn :-)

It sure is very beautiful and, for Western European riders, Scandinavia is expensive too but I think it is worth it !

How did your wife like 11.976 km on the passenger seat of your bike?
I don't think my wife would do that. Actuealy, I know she wouldn't. You're lucky with a wife like that !

I do read a little German and checked out your friends website. Nice website.
I recognised some of the pctures like the one at the Nordkapptunnel entrance. I have the same picture with my bike on it :-)



santhasz 25 Jul 2006 11:14

We didn't go fast. In Norway our average speed was about 40 km/h. We stoped frequently to take pictures. I recognised a lot of sites where we were too. Some of them you can see at:


For my wife the biggest problem was not the Busa's seat, but the rain and the cold wind.

Our article - about Nordkapp trip - was published in Romanian and Hungarian motorcycle review (Univers Moto and Motorrevu). :-)

Best regards,

jkrijt 28 Jul 2006 21:33

My average speed was about the same and I stopped a lot for pictures too.
It is just to beautiful there :-)

I enjoyed looking at your pictures.

Nice that your story is published in a magazin.
This trip is the Northern half of a "project" from Nordkapp to Gibraltar.
Next year I'll go to the South and when I'm back, I'll try to get my story published.

Actualy, I did have a problem with my seat. After a little more then an hour, I had to stop. I just ordered a Touratech seat today, after a test drive. It feels better then the original BMW seat.


santhasz 3 Aug 2006 19:42


My trip is the Northern half of my "project" from Nordkapp to Lake Van (Turkey).

I hope this year I'll finish it, and next year to extend to Aqaba (Jordan)

Safe road

jkrijt 3 Aug 2006 21:22

Hi Szabi,

I hope you'll post the pictures of that trip to Turkey here or somewhere else.
Turkey is one of the countries I have never been but would like to visit on my bike once. I heard it is very beautiful and the people are friendly.

Have a good trip.

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