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kiwi_cj 19 Jul 2010 16:11

Return Transport from the HUMM
repeated from the HUMM thread:

hey all,

at late notice my team-mate has had to pull out. no problem for the HUMM itself as i think i have a team to join, and no problem getting down there as i had always planned to ride on my own via a 30th birthday party in guernsey.

however.... my team-mate was going to hire a trailor and drive down, and i was going to dump my bike on his trailor for the trip back to the uk... without a trailor my only option is to ride my bike back but that is really going to interfere with my planned week in the sun on the costa brava after the HUMM...

sooooo does anyone have space in a van or on a trailor for a mild mannered Super Tenere and a couple of metal panniers?? i'd be more than willing to pay her way.


Kiwi Pete 20 Jul 2010 12:14

Hi mate,

I can help you out.

Will PM you,


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