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electric_monk 17 Jun 2002 06:46

Can anybody tell me if the Pyrenees are passable on two wheels around the Christmas/New Year period.


mmaarten 17 Jun 2002 13:19


No problem. You have to check witch passes (col's). I am not sure, but there are alway's a few open and ridable. Ofcourse it won't be realy easy but very beautifull.


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fireboomer 17 Jun 2002 17:57

You can always pass the pyrynees as long as you go close enough to the coastlines.
I have been in the pyrenees quite a few times, also in winter. Usualy I was backpacking.
The high passes... some might be open, some not, some might get closed right in front of you for days and other might just reopen... It is not necessary snow that gives you problems. Landslides aren't strange.
If you are riding on a strict scedule be carefull with this stuff. If you have time, go for it!!!!

PanEuropean 26 Jul 2002 12:15

My guess is that there would be a lot of snow and it would be cold in the passes in December. I went through the Pyrenees July 1st this year, and there was snow on the ground through the pass I used. Also, it was quite windy.

RichLees 26 Jul 2002 15:17

the best skiing is on the french side so the spanish keep some of the passes open so they can go back and forth. other than the coastal crossings, you'll get through Andorra (though the snow ploughs often don't get out till mid-morning!) and tunnel de Bielsa (near St Lary). I expect you'd get through near Luchon, too. have fun.

PanEuropean 29 Jul 2002 09:14

Other possiblity, of course, is that you could go around either end of the mountain range (Atlantic coast or Med coast) and that would avoid the snow and cold temps at the higher elevations.

fireboomer 31 Jul 2002 04:35

I wouldn't go for the Tunnel de Bielsa. Have been in that region quite a few times in wintertime and it closes down quite often. On french side snow is the problem on Spanish side landslides. If you do go up watch out for stones, mud,.... and sheep using the tunnels as shelter for the rain.

Again, it will be a guess if you get over or not at a high pass. Snow on the Spanish side in wintertime is rare, but it happens. On the French side you are depending on the snowplows.

The tunnel itself used to close at night but I don't know of they still do that.

Also, if Tunnel de Bielsa is not passable the passes nearby to work your way to the coast will most likely also be closed or unpassabel for a bike. That means you have a serious detour to go. And you would loose quite a bit of time.

Mayby checking the internet ahead might help. I am sure there has to be some source that can tell you wich mountain pass is open and wich one is not. Then check the weather for the comming days. And make a plan based on that info.

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