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Wheelspin 9 Aug 2005 18:23

Poland / Slovakia - Krakow / Tatra mountains
I am currently in Prague and thinking about diverting via Auschwitz, Krakow and (the main reason ) the Tatra range in to Eastern Slovakia instead of taking the easy route to Bratislava. It looks perfectly feasible on the map - does anyone have any comments ? On a Pan European, so need to stay on reasonable roads but otherwise not too worried. Just hope the sun is out up there....its ruining the photo opportunities in Prague ! I will be heading to Budapest and will skip Bratislava - doesn't sound like an essential stop.

maja 10 Aug 2005 23:04

Diffinatly a good Idea but I would stay on the south side of the Polish border until just short of the Zakopane border crossing then cut up to the Krakow area. If possible come back across the Dukla pass into eastern Slovakia, the WWII memrobilia (Tanks and Aircraft) mounted alongside the road as you descend into Slovakia is amazing then a dirty dart to the Slovakia side of Erzagom? on the Danube. Stay in the sports hotel and drink in the Black cat, a LOT cheaper than the Hungarian side. Ride safe, Mike

seanh 13 Aug 2005 07:38

I could be in that area in a week or two if you're around, i'm heading for Lithuania.

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Wheelspin 19 Aug 2005 23:52

Hi - not sure what route you are taking, but I'm in Romania. Sighisoara today, and probably Bucharest tomorrow. I doubt that is going to be near you.....

PanEuropean 23 Aug 2005 03:06

Hi Wheelspin:

I did EXACTLY that route 3 years ago, on my ST1100 - no problems whatsoever. Just try to stay off the main truck routes through cities in Poland, because the roads can be quite rutted where the heavy truck wheels go. Other than that, no problems of any kind. Northern Slovakia - through the Tatras - is superb, peg-scraping riding. Auschwitz is worth the visit, it is very somber, and there is protected (guarded) motorcycle parking there.


Wheelspin 15 Sep 2005 02:50

Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out of Poland before you posted, but you are right about the truck grooves. I didn't make it to Auschwitz due to being led astray by a local girl, but I highly recommend both Krakow and the Tatras - great part of my trip, which is now coming to an end as I approach Northern France....

marekxxx 4 Dec 2005 03:25

I am from Slovakia, If anybody wants, I can help you to plan your route around Slovakia, I travelled around the Europe and Slovakia is interesting for on/off road for everybody I sure...



fcasado 4 Dec 2005 05:15

Marexxx I'd love some help planning the trip through Slovakia...I will be there late July, beginning of Aug!Spending about 5 days in the country, what would you recommend?Heading from Poland...

Thanks very much

marekxxx 4 Dec 2005 17:22

It depends what do you prefer, ON/OFF road...
what kind of bike do you have??

1.day>> trip around high tatras
villages> Strbske pleso, Dolny
smokovec + trip with lift to the 2.nd highest peak/Lomnicky stit/
2.day>> aquapark in city Poprad + natural park Slovensky raj /Slovak paradise/
3.day>> passes Certovica, Donovaly, Sturec
4.day>>Bratislava+castle Devin+ pass Pezinska baba + pass Vernar
5. Zemplinska sirava

If you prefer offroad I can show you some special traces, for example slovak sahara, very small 20x20km place with sand, it is army training area or you can cross slovak on unpaved roads...

One month before you start here send me mail and I can help you or we can meet here and talk about...



fcasado 4 Dec 2005 23:26


Thank you very much!

I'd rather do just a bit Off-Road, as I'll be 2-up in a 1100GS...

But I dont mind doing 50-80 Km Off-road to get to a nice place,like mountains etc...

I'll post next the trip!

Very helpfull, thanks again!

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rrolek 5 Dec 2005 20:57

Hi Marexxx

You write about offroad traweling in Slovakia.

I think obout visut Slovakia in 2006 in my travel accross Uktaina-Rumania-Slovakia. I prefer offroad riding only. What looks slovakian's regulations. Is posibile travel across country, using only unpaved forest/mountain rouads, track ect?
Can you sugest best regions for soft/hard enduro traveling for 3-5 days visut only. Maybe exist any "libabry" offroad tracks/roads in Slovakia?


marekxxx 6 Dec 2005 02:55

I think it is possible to make a good offroad trip in slovakia
maybe you have big enduro like varadero or gs and you prefer somethink like this


or countrycross


I can make some offroad travell plan across Slovakia during Christmas for you and I will give you it


fcasado 6 Dec 2005 03:52

rrolek, seems that you've got a Xmas present...Very nice!!!Where is mine marekxxx????LOL!!!

Just joking, you've been helping me a lot, planning my trip!!!!

Nice to see someone very helpful like you are!


rrolek 6 Dec 2005 19:01

Hi Fernando and marexxx

Attention Fernando, I stared think what you are envious ;-).

Its very nice what marexxx can and want help. In central Europe we live some between civilization and barbarians. Offroad riding/traveling is some "between law" too, because regulations are not exact. Due that all help is very usefull.

To marexxx

Probably few posts before I starder new topic. Any way:
Thank you for your declarations. I'm intresting in soft offroad something like that:

or harder enduro too, but here I mast take my KTMs on trailer and stay in Sloviakia in nice place on few days. Any sugestions, plans, track ect will be very helpful.

You can write: rrolek=CANCELTHAT=@poczta.onet.pl


michael cummins 7 Dec 2005 04:12


Originally posted by marekxxx:
I am from Slovakia, If anybody wants, I can help you to plan your route around Slovakia, I travelled around the Europe and Slovakia is interesting for on/off road for everybody I sure...



Hey marek i would also love some help in planning my europe trip.

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