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pinkolive 17 Apr 2005 05:34

Offroad in Sweden
Im planning a trip to Scandinavia in the summer on 1150gs - anyone know if there is any siutable offroading to be had?

indu 5 Jun 2005 00:58

As Roosevelt said: Look to Norway. Check out www.otc-mc.org/english. This club, Offroad Touring Club Norway, may help you with exactly what you need: Plenty of offroad routes that suits your 1150GS.

Have a great ride!

Freek 5 Jun 2005 04:09

I have a couple off roadbooks.
You can have it if you want.
If you travel through the Netherlands, you can pick it up.

Tingsborg 19 Jun 2006 00:54

You have as much off-road racing as possible in Sweden if you want.
Click the link below. In the first post there you have GPS waypoints for a 1350km roadbook off gravel roads. I've been driving it and it's great.

Also here is the roadbook for printing it in paper format:
"200% Pannben Uppsala - Kiruna"
That one is much longer than the GPS version. It should be something like 2000km.

If you are planning to go off-roading in Sweden. Post a message at this page: http://soe.se
That is the homepage for "Swedish Offroad Enthusiasts". They will surely help you if you have any questions.

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