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XTANDY 8 Dec 2003 01:05

Has anyone been to Norway and have any suggestions of good routes for about 7-10 days, looking at the Michelin map there seems to be plenty of unsurfaced roads in the mountains around telemark and littlehammer. I would be going June or July so snow shouldn’t be a problem. Also any suggestions on better maps or any routes with GPS waypoints would be helpful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

spakur 8 Dec 2003 06:06

Hi Andy!

Every year OTC (Offroad touring Club) arranges a rally around jotunheim in Norway. The base is Jotunheimen Feriesenter and from there they have 6-7 different roadbooks. I have been in the area and it is a great place for riding offroad. I'll email you the roadbooks.

Have fun!

blackjack 8 Dec 2003 15:44


Originally posted by spakur:
Hi Andy!

Every year OTC (Offroad touring Club) arranges a rally around jotunheim in Norway. The base is Jotunheimen Feriesenter and from there they have 6-7 different roadbooks. I have been in the area and it is a great place for riding offroad. I'll email you the roadbooks.

Have fun!

Hi all.... just seen this and if you dont mind could you email them to me too? You can never have too much infomation can you, and I wouldnt mind going up there myself sometime next year.

Freek 8 Dec 2003 23:29

I did it this year to;


Lot of photo's on my travelmates site;

You can download the roadbooks here;


Freek (NL)

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XTANDY 10 Dec 2003 04:14


AnteK 27 Dec 2003 19:04

I did journey through Norway two years ago, from Kristiansand to Nordkapp. There is a lot of fantastic roads in Norway, mostly in central mountain area and along the fjords. I suggest you not to go in June, could be a lot of snow on mountain passes, especialy if you intend to ride offroad. July or August seems as better period. Obtain yourself a detail map in scale 1:400.000 or more detail, there is very good Freintag&Berndt map of Norway, infact 8 maps covered Norway teritory.

Freek 28 Dec 2003 00:20

if you use a Garmin-V GPS; next month is the new cityselect v6 available. Witch is covering whole Norway.

yngveer 30 Dec 2003 17:56

Hi. When are you comming to Norway and where?
Is there any particaly plases you whant to wisit?
Send me a email, and maybe I can help you..

Best regards Yngve
(nearby Bergen Western Norway)
Email: yngveer@yahoo.no

PanEuropean 31 Dec 2003 11:12

XT Andy:

It's a wonderful country to travel through, but I think Norway has the highest taxes in the world for cigs and booze. So, if you smoke or drink, bring your supplies with you.

mattpope 3 Feb 2004 19:58

Visited Norway this summer to get to the Nordkapp - you can read about it in the current (January/February) Motorcycle Voyager mag. We found that in the South you could hardly go wrong with whatever road you followed. When I return, I will just stay in the south in the fjordlands. Further north, the Arctic Highway had plenty of memorable moments and a few quite average sections (near Trondheim for example). Up north, the Lofoten islands were fantastic.

The Michelin maps have the green scenic route markings and even the bits that are not green would otherwise be in most other countries. The Gereinger Fjord area and Lusterfjord areas were our favourites.

A good tip we soon picked up from the many German bikers was to avoid the longer tunnels and where possible take the older snow roads over the mountain passes. FANTASTIC.

One last point - keep an eye out for the traffic police. The speeding fines are damned expensive (£80 for approx 5mph over the limit). They even carry visa machines too!

You'll have a blast.


first_non_blond 7 Feb 2004 17:48


I spent 19 days doing a clockwise tour of Noway last year ['03], starting and ending in Kristiansand.

I would recommend you stay in the fjord region and forget Lillehammer. There are plenty of gravel tracks in the [Lillihammer] area but I found them to be mostly through forests and a little boring after a while. Don't get the idea that you'll be blazing a trail on these gravel tracks, you could have to wait to overtake a 10 wheel crane - I did.

Whilst the area is great and I'm sure you'll wonderful time if you do go, Telemark/Lillihammer do suffer in comparison to the west of Norway.

If you want loads more info on Norway you could do much worse than http://www.ukgser.com/forums/ and do a search in the travel section on Norway.

Don't speed in Norway. 60mph in a 50mph zone [10mph over] cost me exactly £200.

My photos from last year are at http://www.boxer.smugmug.com

Below is part of a post I made on UKGSer.

Here's a couple of high points of my trip that may be you'd like to try, but the truth is whatever you plan, whatever road you take, you can't go wrong. Michelin map 711 National is good for planning.

I went via Newcastle/Kristiansand and traveled up E39 to Stavanger, jumped the ferry to Tau and stayed in Hjelmeland.
From here you can do Prekestolen. Needs one day [I didn't because of time/ poor planning]. Also, the ferry from Forsand up the Lysefjorden to Lysebotn [passing under Prekestolen] is utterly breathtaking as is the ride out of Lysebotn. Return to Hjelmeland clockwise on 45 taking ferry from Lauvvik to Oanes.
It's a long day, but one you will not forget - promise. You may also be worrying that the best of you holiday is now over and it surely must decline from here on in, but no. As hard as it may be to believe it's just going to carry on and on like this for the next 2 weeks.

We stayed for 4 nights in Loen, about 50 miles south of Alesmund.
Based here we did 3 glaciers needing 2 days. These glaciers are every close to Loen and are good for giving you a break from riding.
From Loen the following route is possible and is unreservedly recommended.
Loen to Geiranger via the gravel road Gamle Strynefjellsveg [15?], before reaching Geiranger detour along a gravel road to Dalsnibba. From here Geiranger is visible 1500M down and 5miles distant. Leave Geiranger and catch the ferry at Eiddal and head towards Andalsnes over the Trollstigveien.

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