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dieg0oo 21 May 2009 16:03

London > Paris > London
Hello fellow bikers. Quick question, if anyone can help....

Next week I need to dash to Paris, from London and back, within 3 or 4 days (staying there for a couple of days with my girlfriend who's there for work).

Any recommended routes, possible alternatives to motorways (as I ride a yamaha TTR 600 - a single cylnder - and we both hate motorways)?

How long do you reckon it would take, if I go on motorways (I normally cruise at 120 / 130 KMH) and how much longer if I take only department roads?

any other tips?
thank you and happy riding.


Gaulois 21 May 2009 19:04

Cross via Newhaven/Dieppe (LD Lines) Currently doing a 5 day return for cars at £37.50 so you should get a good deal on your bike.
Dieppe is the closest channel port to Paris. You could ride to Rouen and then along the Seine valley (visit chateau Gaillon if you like castles). Lots of good routes avoiding the motorway. An hour with an atlas/map is well worth it.

Alexlebrit 21 May 2009 20:33

Diego, definately head for Rouen, and as has been said take the N roads. Somewhere I've got a map of a route I planned for a convoy of Mini Coopers, I'll dig it out and mail it to you if you give me an address.

And the time? we took five to six hours but that included getting lost and getting in a decent lunch stop and pausing for coffee a few times and then leading 25 Minis round the Arc de Triomphe.

It's a great trip, nice and simple on uncrowded country roads.

Steve Pickford 22 May 2009 14:50

I once rode the 173 miles from the northern outskirts of Paris to Calais in 2.5 hours on a DR600 but not enjoyable. I'd allow 4 hours from Calais to Paris if taking your time on smaller roads.

dieg0oo 22 May 2009 18:38

thanks guys... very valuable advise.
i didn't consider not crossing dover / calais at all.

and this Newhaven/Dieppe + castles valley sounds really interesting, thank you Gaulois.

Alexlebrit, did you mean 5 / 6 hours from London to Paris, via Rouen, on N roads? ...wow, it sounds really fun and doable.
Will definitely do that.
And yeah, if you find that map you mentioned... it'd be great having a look.
my email address is:
dieg0oo 'AT' yahoo 'DOT' com
(mind the zero and the o's)

thank you very much!


Steve: 2,5 hours to do paris-calais is v impressive to me!

dieg0oo 26 May 2009 12:32

......hmm, actually, it seems that the ferry Newhaven > Dieppe takes 5 hours,
against the 1.5 h of Dover > Calais.
As I am inclined to spend 5 hours on the motorbike, rather than in a boat,
I am thinking of this route (pic attached), approx 300 miles..... hopefully it will be interesting enough?

will see


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