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garyfzs1000 22 Feb 2006 02:13

Me and the girlfriend are traveling to Poland in June to visit friends and plan to pop across the border to Lithuania for about 4 day
any recommondations, were to go ,stay, thing to see

TA 22 Feb 2006 14:12

Hello Gary,

I live in Lithuania and I can help You to see the best in our country. If You want to see most interesting places, just cross the Poland-Lithuanian border at Ogrodniki-Lazdijai and take a route: Lazdijai-Druskininkai-Vilnius-Trakai-Rumsiskes-Kaunas-Hill of crosses near Siauliai-Klaipeda-Juodkrante-Nida-Palanga. What You can see?

Druskininkai - park of soviet sculptures - http://www.grutoparkas.lt/index-en.htm

Vilnius - Historical Old Town of Vilnius: Vilnius Cathedral and its square, Gediminas Castle, the University campus, Pilies street with the 16-18th century historical and architectural monuments, Gothic corner of Vilnius with St Anne's and Bernardine churches, the former Town Hall square, the Gates of Dawn with a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, the 17th century Baroque church of St Peter and Paul. Visit to KGB museum. http://www.vilnius.lt/new/en/gidas.php

Trakai - a visit of the 15th century Trakai Insular Castle. http://www.trakai.lt/

Rumsiskes - unique open air country life museum, depicting the 18-19th century architecture, traditions, crafts and the way of life of different ethnographic regions of the country. http://www.muziejai.lt/Kaisiadorys/O...uziejus.en.htm

Kaunas - second largest city and the capital of Lithuania between the World Wars. Visit the Old Town of Kaunas with its St George's church, castle ruins, Theological seminary, the Town Hall Square, the Jesuit church, the Cathedral, the Church of Vytautas and the Perkunas House. Visit Ciurlionis Art Museum, Convent of Pazaislis – famous for its architecture and wonderworking icon of Virgin Mary. http://www.kaunas.lt/english/index.shtml

Klaipeda - Lithuania's third biggest city - a historic seaport and resort. Old Town of Klaipeda with the Theatre square and the statue of a girl Ann from Tharau, numerous old streets and buildings, Linden street with the old post-office, Mazvydas Sculpture Park. http://www.klaipeda.lt/klaipeda/index.jsp

Neringa,(included into UNESCO World Heritage List as valuable cultural landscape) the Spitbetween the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, with the biggest sand dunes in Europe.Visit to the Hill of Witches in Juodkrante. In Nida, the Lithuanian sea resort climb up the Great Dune to see breathtaking view. http://www.neringa.lt/index.php?512885114

Palanga - the Amber Museum which houses very rich amber collection, a walk in the Botanical Park of Palanga with Birute's Hill - a 22-metre-high dune, the central street full of souvenir shops, open-air cafes, and leading to the beach and the pier. http://www.palanga.lt/index.php?1180022735

Return back if You still have a time: Klaipeda-Kintai-Vente-Rusne-Silute-Pagegiai-Jurbarkas-Raudone-Veliuona-Kaunas-Marijampole-Kalvarija-Poland


speedmaster58 22 Feb 2006 21:27

Hi Gary

As Linas said there are loads of places to see, we crossed over via the lakes in Poland near Elk. Stopped in a Garage/Motel in Kelme for £5 per night & he let us put the bikes in the Garage! Kelme was about an hour from the Hill of Crosses. Have a good trip

garyfzs1000 22 Feb 2006 22:47

Thankyou Linas and Speedmaster for your speedy replies very helpful, i will check out all the links

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Jake 23 Feb 2006 01:44

It is a wonderful place to visit and lots to see but beware the police as minor infringements of speed bring colossal fines or bribes. We were wornedregarding this by two greek lads who had just been done for 12kph over speed on entery to town and were offered 300 euro official or 200 euro no paperwork - they paid the latter. For me I would not have paid that much and dont believe the official fine could be so high this is much worse than fines in most former eastern bloc counties. The police were getting very greedy I think.

TA 23 Feb 2006 13:40


Under 10 kph - 20-30 Lt (5.78-8.7 EUR)
10-20 kph - 50-100 Lt (14.45-28.9 EUR)
20-30 kph - 150-300 Lt (43.35-86.71 EUR)
30-50 kph - 300-500 Lt (86.71-144.51 EUR)
> 50 kph - 1000-1500 Lt (289.01-433.53 EUR)

All policeman in a lot of coutries try to do some "bussiness" from foreign people http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/frown.gif

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yoni 23 Feb 2006 18:32

had been to Lithuania 2004 great place. flat as glass. poor roads, Vilnius center is spectacular.
wonderful people. had a problem with speeding they let my go notecing i'm a tourist. no bribe


garyfzs1000 26 Feb 2006 02:00

Thanks again for all the info i will watch my speed, going on the GS1100 and not my FZS1000 would probably get a ticket if i go on the Yamaha. Would love to meet up for a beer if anyone is interested

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