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Freek 5 Oct 2003 15:42


Next spring, I want to make a trip through Ireland, with my KTM-adventure.

I'm looking for bad roads and good music.

Any tips ?

Freek (NL)

electric_monk 5 Oct 2003 19:40

Hey freek

Glad to hear you're coming to our wonderful isle. You will not regret it. If you give me a better idea what you are looking for in terms of riding I will give you as much assistance as you need. If the timing is right you might even get a free tour guide. E-mail me at reillste@hotmail.com.


Freek 5 Oct 2003 22:32

Thanx for the quick reply.

I'm looking for small roads, or (even better) gravel or dirtroads through a beautifull, rough, scenery.

And ending the day with a good beer and good Irish music.
I like to camp and a bit off rain, doesn't scare me.

I think I have one week at the end of may.



Danette 13 Oct 2003 20:01

Hey Freek!! Having just come from Ireland about one month ago I would have to say that ALL roads in Ireland would qualify for you!!

Just kidding but the roads are rough.

The Ordance Survey maps at any bookstore worked for us.

Some of the nicer smaller roads were in and around County Kerry ( Dingle etc)


iswoolley 30 Oct 2003 21:40


Ireland is an excellent place for riding; good scenery, friendly people, and cheap (compared to UK). I've been there for several rallyes, mostly in the west and north west of the country. For places I would recommend Malin Head, Co. Donegal in the far north west, The Burren, Co. Claire in the west (some excellent moonscape trails), and the Connemara mountains, Co. Galway (just plain beautiful). I haven't been, but the Ring of Kerry in Co. Kerry is touted as being pretty damn good as well.

The maps we used were the Discovery series published by the Ordnance Survey. I think the scale was about 1:25'000, and they show all the tracks and gravel roads. In general in Ireland a landowner has to erect a barrier or post a notice to stop the public using a track. I've riden along cliff-top trails, in sand dunes on the beach, through beautiful forests, and the ubiquitous peat bogs. All legally.

I haven't camped over there, so I can only guess that if you do a web search you'll come up with some places. For example,


Have a great time, and post back here when you get back.


Freek 30 Oct 2003 23:08


That's good news; legal gravel roads.

I'm looking forward to it.

I'll try to find the maps over here.

Does anyone have GPS routes/tracks waypoints ?

Freek (NL)

Paul Narramore 6 Nov 2003 03:45

Like Freek, I also would like to take my bike to both Northern and Southern Ireland however as I have a Pan European, I don't want gravel or too many pot holes. I was thinking of a week in May, starting off by visiting my son in the RAF near Belfast, then riding south. Any advice would be welcomed, thanks.

PanEuropean 11 Nov 2003 11:39

Hi Paul:

I also ride a ST1100, I spent some time touring Ireland about two years ago. It is a very nice country, but not exactly the perfect country for a bike the size of a Pan. Primary highways are OK, but as soon as you get off the primary highways, you find a lot of "hot tar and pea gravel" treatments on the secondary roads. The road workers put extra big scoops of loose pea gravel on the sharp corners, just to keep life interesting for the moto riders.

Also, many of the secondary roads are very narrow, with vegetation that extends right up to the side of the pavement, and sometimes beyond. I picked up a lot of scratches on my nearside mirror fairing from riding country roads. Also, it is always possible to find that the "sort-of-paved" secondary road turns into a farm lane without much notice.

But, having said all that, I would not discourage you from going there with the ST1100 - just be pretty careful about getting off the beaten path until you learn what the local norms are for roadways. FWIW, I think the roads in Poland are better than the roads in Ireland - at least the Poles lay down pavement on their roads.

Ralph 13 Nov 2003 08:41

Hi Freek

I also live in Ireland (up North) and can tell you there's plenty to see in this area but not so many dirt roads you can ride on.

It is best to try counties Donegal, Galway and Cork for good off road stuff. We ride in these areas often and hold rallies through out the year. I can send you the track logs and waypoints of some of my rides.
I mainly store this stuff in GPS Utility but I have some routes stored in Mapsource - which is best for you?


mcdarbyfeast 13 Nov 2003 14:05

Are there any roads/byeways like the 'Ridgeway' that can be ridden on a bike, in Ireland. Most of our family live in Co Tipperary so I would particularly interested in that area.

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Freek 13 Nov 2003 22:04


I have mapsource and oziexplorer.

I should be gratefull when you could sent it te me.



Ralph 14 Nov 2003 07:42

Hi lads,

firstly McDarby, when you mention the Ridgeway, the short answer is, in Northern Ireland, no there is nothing like it. Our traffic laws are different here and we don't have BOATS and RUPPs etc. We have the Ulster Way, but its for walkers only as most of it is over private farmland.

In the south there are various other similar walking ways like The East Clare Way and you will find that you can ride on these without a problem. Weather this is because the law is different or no one's bothered by it I'm not too sure but we have never been challanged. One thing the South has a lot of are Green Roads. These would be similar to the Ridgeway and are scattered everywhere. If you see a sign saying 'Green Road' take it, it will be a good trail and legal. Also there are many little tracks leading out into the bog and you can explore these til your hearts content. Just remember that all of this belongs to somebody, so if you do meet someone, be polite and pass the time of day and they will usually tell you just to 'tear on'.

One other thing you notice about the North is that it is much more fenced off. Even in the remotest parts of the hills and peat bog you will come across barbed wire fences. In the South it's left much more open.

Don't get me wrong, the North's very beautiful, there is plenty to do and see, good places to eat and drink - camp sites etc. It's just you could do it all equally well on a Goldwing. (I promise the Pan owner will have no problems - and if you come in May don't miss the North West 200)

I'm not familiar with Tipperary. If you look in this months TBM magazine there is a write up on the tipperary rally. I didn't go to this one but I know the guys who organised it. I could see if they still have the list of checkpoints. It would give you a good idea of places to go.

Finally, Freek, I will try to get the tracklogs emailed out to you early next week. Also if you like I will post some photo-copies of maps that I have used showing some good tracks, they might be more useful than the logs when your over here.

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mcdarbyfeast 14 Nov 2003 14:01

Many thanks Ralph.

I've been trying to find info on this but couldn't find anything on the web.

Are these roads marked on maps as well as signposted. Also is there an organisation such as the 'Trail Riders Fellowship' and are there any trail riding clubs.

Ralph 16 Nov 2003 02:18


Green Roads are shown on the maps just as minor roads and are not especially marked.

Unfortunately there is no TRF over here, there are some small clubs but no websites for information. I find trail riding is kind of a minority sport over here and the guys involved know each other well and communicate without clubs if you know what I mean.
However the couple of local clubs that there are do put on some good weekends and a lot of English visitors come over, but I think the invites always go out to the same people. Getting to hear about them is the hard part thats all.

If I could work out how to post photo's I would send some of Donegal last month.
How do I do this anyone know?

Ralph 16 Nov 2003 23:41

Hope this works




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