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Fastship 29 Mar 2009 16:05

Internal Borders to be implemented in the UK
As part of the on-going project by the British "New Labour" party to adopt and implement the instruments of a police & surveillance State inside the United Kingdom, on Friday they published their "CONTEST" document which on page 113 under the title "new policing powers to collect advance passenger data on domestic air & sea journeys" it will now be unlawful to book and or take a domestic sea or air journey without providing valid evidence of your identity and address and producing a government ID card, passport or government issued document containing photographic ID.

In practice, you will be required to show your passport or government ID card to take yourself and or your bike on any ferry to i.e. the Scottish Islands, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and of course, our beloved TT on the Isle of Man. If you do not have an ID card or passport you will not be permitted the "privilege of travel” within your own country.

You dangerous and untrustworthy individuals who think they can get around the country by flying will have to think again too - same applies for domestic flights.

Home office officials state that they hope that i.e. travel by ferry to the (well know terrorist haunt) The Isle of Skye will encourage travellers to "enrol" in the Government's “National Identity Register” (ID Card scheme) but were unable to explain that given Skye now has a bridge as well as ferries, how this legislation makes that terrorist ravaged Island safer from crafty Achmed who might take the bridge. :oops2:

Pornography loving home secretary Jackie Smith who was recently exposed for taking £116,000 of taxpayer’s money for “expenses” for her parent’s house (and also claimed expenses from the taxpayer for those “adult TV channels”) will introduce the law by “statutory instrument” thereby avoiding debate in the House of Commons. In some countries this is known as “law by diktat”.

Last month it was revealed that the Government had set up a new secret establishment to monitor the movements of UK nationals abroad and those with whom they associate.

All e-mail, phone calls text messages and websites visited are also to be monitored by the state.

It is thought that similar measures will be introduced for bus and rail travel after the next election which New Labour claim they will “win handsomely”

The new law will apply to foreign visitors as well as UK nationals (after all, we are all potential terrorists…)

These are internal borders folks, just like the ones they used to have in the good old USSR. :nono:

(the election is just a year away ?c? )

Linzi 29 Mar 2009 18:25

No Comment
Hi, no humour meant when I say I won't comment. It all goes on record! Enough to say that I ,,,,no I won't say that. If you push a person they may fall over or step back. Then again they may lash out. I often say, be careful before irritating a cat that it's not actually a tiger you're irritating. Linzi.

SpitfireTriple 29 Mar 2009 19:36

Shame on you Linzi for your timidity! A country that cowers before bossy bullies deserves all it gets.

I didn't realise the proposed new law applied to all sea and air journeys. I thought it was just those from NI to GB - I thought it was all part of the government's plot to push NI towards Eire.

Frankly, I doubt there's anyone from MI5/~ reading the HUBB. At least, not on official business. But if there is, so what?

I'll say it even if you won't: The present government seems to have nothing better to do than dream up new ways of bossing us about. We have ourselves to blame if we put up with it.

PS I doubt Cameron's bunch would be much better.

Linzi 29 Mar 2009 20:36

Moi? Non!
Me timid? No, you misunderstand. Linzi.

paul-n-otis 29 Mar 2009 21:54

As I understand it, yachtsmen are also required to produce passage plans and submit these to the authorities before leaving or entering the country. This will force people to put to sea at the time and date they have submitted, should bad weather prevent them leaving or make them enter a different port than intended they will be in breach of the law and WILL be prosecuted. How many lives have to be lost or civil liberties infringed before we all stand as one people and rise against this dictator Gordon Brown and his labour party?? Maybe it's time to lobby our MPs and put the fear of which ever god you follow in to him.


Let's see if I get searched really hard in June as I board the ferry.

SpitfireTriple 30 Mar 2009 08:41


Originally Posted by Linzi (Post 235577)
Me timid? No, you misunderstand. Linzi.

Ah! You are the cat/tiger. Not the government. Apologies.

SpitfireTriple 30 Mar 2009 08:43


Originally Posted by paul-n-otis (Post 235588)
Let's see if I get searched really hard in June as I board the ferry.

I reckon you'll be okay. Before entering customs though, you may wish to evacuate your bowels.

Fastship 30 Mar 2009 09:26

I just heard on the World Service that the freedom loving Chinese Government will re-open Tibet to tourists on April 5th. That's not really related to my post except that the UK government now has the (lawful) instruments available to implement similar policies on parts of the UK.

I wonder if at some future point we will hear a similar headline "...the British Government has today announced that the Scottish Islands have now been re-opened to tourists..."

If you have nothing to fear - you have nothing to hide :clap:

Chris1200 30 Mar 2009 15:16


What's the big deal if they were to implement these changes? It all sounds a bit silly, I agree, but so what? Bureaucracy is silly..... but then it always has been. And if these these changes are brought in then you're gonna have to live wth it anyway. Yes, you can voice your discontent until you're blue in the face but it ain't gonna change anything. If they wanna do it they'll do it. Until it happens don't worry about it, and if it happens then you produce your passport (or whatever else) if asked. We all know that governments the world over do things that some/most people don't like. It's hardly worth getting too excited about. Surely there are other more important things happening in the world (or indeed our own lives!) that you CAN influence so it might be an idea to focus on those first.

Keep the toys in the pram in the meantime though!! lol

No offence intended to anyone.......:nono:


Fastship 30 Mar 2009 15:32


Originally Posted by Chris1200 (Post 235673)

What's the big deal if they were to implement these changes? It all sounds a bit silly, I agree, but so what? Bureaucracy is silly..... but then it always has been. And if these these changes are brought in then you're gonna have to live wth it anyway. Yes, you can voice your discontent until you're blue in the face but it ain't gonna change anything. If they wanna do it they'll do it.


Don't give up Chris - resistance is NOT futile! :D

Threewheelbonnie 30 Mar 2009 16:28

It's easier to resist now than wait until you have to show your ID to buy groceries.

Actually, that's a point. They can already look at our visa bills, so why bother making a queue for silly bits of paper and plastic at the ferry terminals? Do they think people who buy guns using used tenners show their own passport? Of course, when said bits of plastic and paper cost £80 a time and only last 10 years and you are the only legal supplier, then you can afford to watch the adult channel as much as you like (or will you go blind? :nono:).

Don't worry MI5 use software that searches out keywords and phrases like bomb, Brown, sniper scope, resistance and so on. So long as we don't use those we are fine. Ooops, seem to have set off a few alarms there.

Of course, if you read your terrorists/freedom fighters handbook as supplied by the British government in 1940 and available in any city library, you'll see it's suggested that you don't use said key words. You should refer to "using the equipment from the dispatch department on our favourite customers order before..." not... well you work it out.

Morons trying to preserve their pointless jobs by ripping off the sheep, pure and simple. :thumbdown:


Threewheelbonnie 30 Mar 2009 16:30


Originally Posted by Fastship (Post 235674)
Don't give up Chris - resistance is NOT futile! :D

Maybe Chris is one of THEM :rofl:


Linzi 30 Mar 2009 20:49

DOES give results
Fastship's last warning about sharing of data bases was reasonable. The law has been delayed. So action is effective. In that case we have a second chance to lose freedoms as the paper will come back for politicians' consideration. It's odd how Brits will take up arms against invasion and resulting fascist laws. But they won't lift a finger against the British government bringing in the same level of and type of laws as AH might have after Unternemung Seeloewen. ( Nazi invasion of UK). We'll be able to avoid learning German but the difference otherwise is really very small. Linzi.

Warthog 30 Mar 2009 21:11

If all this kind of policy implementation and other rights infringements worry you: have a look at a docu-film.

Its called Zeitgeist. Google it.

I won't say that its got me convinced on all fronts, buts its a very interesting view.

£ parts, dealing with the myths, allegations and facts and how they interact:Oganised religion, 911, and the world financial organism, if you can call it that. Its 2 hours long a takes a bit to start, but worth the watch...

Stretcher Monkey 31 Mar 2009 04:24

It's no biggy.

Where I live, I wouldn't even go down the shops without my ID.

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