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Henrik Kongstad 4 Jul 2011 18:12

Importing a new Harley to Switzerland
Hi there
I would like to buy a new Harley in the USA and have it shipped to Switzerland.
Can anyone advice about papers needed and good and reliable ways of shipping
a bike?
Thanks. Henrik

Tourider 5 Jul 2011 06:53

Why Bother?
I think you'll probably find that Harley-Davidson have got this one sewed up and you would not save anything by buying in the USA. Their pricing policy will ensure that their dealers in Switzerland are protected from people going direct to the states.

AndyT 6 Jul 2011 02:43

It's not so much H-D, as the Swiss import taxes. Here in Texas, USA, you will pay 6.5% tax above the purchase price of the bike. Add to that the shipping and what it would cost to nationalize it in Switzerland, and you can judge for yourself whether it's worth it.

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