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martync 17 Mar 2007 12:32

how far can I go in a week
Myself and a friend decided to take a week off and want to go on a small road trip.
We want to go from the south of the UK to somewhere then back again in about a week.

Any ideas as to how far you can get (few days riding to get there and a few to get back).

I think through Germany to prauge is OK but can we go further East without tiring ouselves out?

palace15 17 Mar 2007 12:48

Head South this time of year, you have not said when you propose to take this one week trip. If you are talking about next week(Fri 23rd) go to Paris for the start of the Heroes/legends Dakar from the Eiffel Tower on Saturday 24th then follow the rally to the stage near Pau then the stage near Valencia, easily done in a week and some beach/relax time also..Bingo! if you put heroes/Legends Dakar in this forum search you will find links to the rally site and details of one of the UK teams

martync 18 Mar 2007 09:13

heading east
Sounds good but sadly we will go the 1st week of May. I was thinking trying to make it to Budapest then back with a day or so to relax there. Is this possible?

This trip is a sort of shakedown for a longer one to see what we actually use from the stuff we are taking.

michaeltharme 18 Mar 2007 20:56

Martync - if you were in OZ, I'd say you could get about 5,000km in that time and see about a third of the country!
I'm travelling around the country in August with a mate - about 18,000km and taking a tad under 4 weeks - might be a little longer if we find some half-decent pubs :clap: .

Ferg & TJ 19 Mar 2007 13:34

How far in a week....
I know of a number of riders who have made the Turkey/Iran border in a week...

If not, France, Andorra, northern Spain, then back to the UK via Santander.

MarkE 19 Mar 2007 15:19


Originally Posted by martync (Post 130250)

I think through Germany to prauge is OK but can we go further East without tiring ouselves out?

A few years ago I was privilidged to attend the charter of Pisek round table in the Czech Republic - two long but comfortable days there, two very long day's celebrating and two days back. Others who went by car (and carried my Dinner suit - ta) did it in one day, but they were sharing driving.

With a week I would think you can get beyond Czech & back with ease.

piersuk 20 Mar 2007 22:14

Head to the French Alps and explorer the scenery and fantasic roads... :thumbup1: :funmeteryes:

martync 21 Mar 2007 13:12

i was hoping to go UK france - germany - prauge - budapest - sofia (2 days rest) then back via the alps?

is this a bit much. maybe buddapest will be the end/furthest destination

V2RJO 21 Mar 2007 19:36

Lviv in Ukraine
I know someone who did Lviv in 3 long days, camping all the way! turned South West ish and back through Austria, Italy, France & back. Total journey took 8 days!

Would love to do this myself but finding someone prepared to have a go with me is difficult...anyone?


Hovis 22 Mar 2007 17:51

How far ???
How far in a week ????,well how longs a piece of string ????,if you see what i mean,all depends on how long you want to or are capable of spending in the saddle,do you want to spend all day riding ????,or just a few hours a day ????,do you want to see how far you can ride before you have to turn back ?????.
I really think your the only person that can answer that,you could in theory ride 10 or 12 hours a day but you'll not see to much,
Personally i'd work out what your happy with mileage wise a day,look at the distance it works out at and pick a interesting looking place/area within your chosen mileage,
Some guys love putting in big mileage days,some would rather spend a little less time in the saddle.
As i said only you can really answer your own question,

Good Luck


Stagbeetle 22 Mar 2007 18:29

Stop and smell the roses

Originally Posted by martync (Post 130312)
This trip is a sort of shakedown for a longer one to see what we actually use from the stuff we are taking.

If you plan to go on a long trip later I hope you will take your time and see and hear and smell other lands, otherwise what's the point? You can ride around the M25 for ever just to get miles in.:funmeterno: :censored: So why rush around on your check out trip? If you do long miles you'll be tired and it will bear no relationship to your intended trip. Do the milage each day that you want to do on your main journey, then you can properly assess your kit.
I agree with Ferg and TJ, go somewhere warm that replicates part of your intended main journey but whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy it.

colsan1 23 Mar 2007 15:52

I'm looking into a short trip to florence and am working on 2 days to get there and 2 days getting back.
florence is 876 miles from calais and dover is 303 miles from my home so its not out of the question.
thing is i'm going to see florence and not hang about taking in the view on the way there or back, your plans might be different and you may want to travell at a more sedate pace.
on the other hand, i've found that distance covered isnt the be and end all when it come to travelling and touring. in the past i've travelled around northern france and belgium, stopping at small towns overnight and just allowing myself time to take in the surroundings, very stress free and relaxing.

steveindenmark 28 Mar 2007 22:00

How about
Harwich to Esjberg (Denmark) ride down through Germany, Holland, France and then back over from France to England.

Remember it is not about distance. If you want to spend 8 hours on a bike each day stay in England and ride around. The bike is only there to transport you to a destination. What you do when you get there makes the trip worthwhile.

pinkolive 6 Apr 2007 14:02

im taking a 10 day tour of Europe at the end of April as i have for a number of years. i think youve picked the best time to travel, the weather is good and its not the holiday season.

this year im getting on the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam and then .......?

i have no plan.

id suggest you get off the ferry/tunnel in France having checked the weather for the week and just ride - you will know when and where to stop.

colsan 1 - im all for iron butt riding and have a habit of doing big miles/day when on a trip the bike eventually points towards home - ive done Insbruck to Durham in a day on a couple of occasions - your intended trip to Florence, i cant help thinking you would enjoy Florence more and have more time there and save a shit load of money if you did the easyjet thing.

yes i know this is a motorcycle travel site but.....

oldbmw 6 Apr 2007 22:48

take teh ovenight ferry to France to st malo/Caen, and head south. you can easily get to teh spanish side of the pyrenees in two days using non peage roads. get to the west side and cross them. return again off peage. Personally I would avoid Andorra.

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