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Global Rider 10 Mar 2007 19:58

Green Card Insurance - for Croatia (HR)
I get my Green Card Insurance at the ADAC in Germany every year.

This year, I plan to head down into Slovenia and Croatia, but I've noticed that Croatia (HR) is crossed out on the Green Card Insurance that I bought last year.

Any ideas as to where to get coverage for Croatia, or are there different levels of GC insurance available offering more territorial coverage available from the ADAC?

bemAri 10 Mar 2007 21:15

Hi Globalrider,

I'm travelling to Slovenia and Croatia next april an in my green card, which I got this week, both countries are included. Well, my bike is insured in Finland, but as far as I understand the green card coverage should be the same.

Global Rider 10 Mar 2007 22:49


Originally Posted by bemAri (Post 129406)
As far as I understand the green card coverage should be the same.

I think it depends on the company. The Green Card insurance from the ADAC which happens to be the same as the GC insurance from Knopf Motorradreisen, does not include Croatia (HR).

DesertSoul 15 Mar 2007 02:38

Si & Hr
Sounds very strange to me. Croatia is loaded with German cars every year from May till late September, and has been till '91 and from roughly '98, so I don't see any reason you should have problems with your insurance. Just for info - nobody checks your GC at the border anymore. If you're later covered, that's another issue. Since you're travelling to HR: if, hopefully not, a minor accident occours, you should think twice whether to call the police or not. Strangely, if you call them in Croatia, first thing they do is to write BOTH OF YOU a fine for being involved in an accident! And supposedly for "their services." Also, try not to exceed the speed limits too much. Radars are everywhere. Though, keep in mind they by law tolerate 10kph. So, if you drive 93 on 60 speed limit, they only charge you for 23kph excesss. And it still goes like this:
"Mr. Rider, this will cost you 800 HRK."
"Oh, but that seems a lot to me."
"Does it? So, what is your suggestion?"
"Hmm, couldn't we make it cheaper?"
"Hahaha, Mr. Rider, you would like it cheaper? So, how much are you ready to pay?"
"I don't know, 300, maybe?"
"Oh, but we don't have receipts for that little money..."
"Oh, never mind, I don't need a receipt."

Don't try this at home. And don't try it in Slovenia. Safe journey!

PanEuropean 19 Mar 2007 18:36

I purchased insurance for my Canadian registered moto at ADAC in Germany last week, and asked them why Croatia was not included. Their response was quite straightforward - they only write insurance for EC countries + Switzerland. As the EC expands, they add countries.

They have no intention of adding coverage for countries outside of the EC. The original purpose of the ADAC insurance for visiting vehicles was to provide insurance within Germany (= within EC) for visitors from European countries that were outside of the EC, and they don't have any plans to change that objective. They are not interested in underwriting coverage for countries outside of the EC.

rtwdoug 27 Mar 2007 16:05

its rare that they ask for insurance at the HR border. If they do, I show em my green card. if they notice the HR is crossed out, I have to buy insurance (last time was abput 17usd for a month) I have seen other green cards that dont have HR , SCG, MK etc crossed out, but I cant seem to find that company.


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