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steveindenmark 24 Jun 2009 22:25

GPS Points
I would like to download some GPS points of places of interest on our trip to Italy in July.

I got the GPS point of our house from Google Earth but found that it was about 800m out when I used my TomTom to navigate. My Tom Tom coordnates were different to Google Earth and my Garmin Edge was different to both of them.

Does anyone know of a more accurate way of doing this?


John Ferris 24 Jun 2009 23:24

You can go online and find websites that will convert from one format to another.

Some sites have a selection of which formats you can use, I think Google earth will let you select which one you want.

Examples of the three main latitude and longitude coordinates unit types

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Format (DDMMSS) : 54°57'20.43"N

Decimal Degrees Format : 54.955675

GPS Coordinates Format : 54 degress 57.3405 Minutes

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