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dragbjorn 29 Jun 2003 23:04

GPS in Russia ?
I'm going to Russia next week, passing the border att Raaja Jossepi/Lotta in northern Finland.Anybody knows if it's problem to have GPS on the bike when you are going into Russia?

Björn Olsson


"Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul."

TChallen 30 Jun 2003 17:43

What sort of problem were you thinking of ?

Other than getting batteries for it, and getting it stolen, what more problem can there be?

JasonK 30 Jun 2003 18:09

I imagine he was worried about possible responses from the police/security forces. I can imagine some bored militia types would fantasise that they've found a spy doing reconnaissance for a potential bombing or some such nonsense.

dragbjorn 30 Jun 2003 19:00

Yes...is't allowed to take in a GPS to Russia....anybody knows? will there be any problem when I crossing the russian border?


"Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul."

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Richard Jakobek 2 Jul 2003 22:20

There can be a problem. Simon Newbound was arrested last year and spent some time in custody. Apparently because he didn't have a licence for the GPS. Simon McCarthy posted a story here about it. But this was only after he had crossed the border two or three times. The first times he had no problems.

Richard Jakobek 2 Jul 2003 22:52

I found the post from Simon McCarthy where he talks of Simon Newbound's border guard problem and the GPS :

"The Russian side of the border was as officious as the previous time, but we managed to get across in a couple of hours. When the other Simon and Monika came through a few weeks later, they got held up for 3 days, as the Russian customs officials demanded a licence for their GPS - only the intervention of the British Embassy in Moscow got them out of that trouble. Our ploy of removing the GPS when going through borders and describing it as an "electronic compass" when questioned by police seemed to be vindicated. "

vincent danna 15 Jul 2003 14:40

yes i ve heard it s not allowed also
you can hide it still but ... at your own risk
frankly, you don t need a gps in russia

happy trails


Neeme 30 Jul 2003 16:25

Hi, this is a first mail here. Sorry - I have never learned English. But, we (me and 2 friends) have made 9000km travel through 10 countries in Europe. Started fromm Tallinn (Estonia) to highest mountain in Europe (Elbrus - in Russia). Back through Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Chech, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. There is no problems with GPS on any of those counries. Russian bordercrossing can be a problem. There should be allways some $ or EUR 10-20 to give to Police (Milice) or to borderguard. Even if You have all paperwork correct, they just find something (for example translation to Russian of Your International driver licence) to take from You some money.

Neeme Ervin
gsm: +3725274000

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