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smedders69 22 May 2006 23:43

Ferry Crossing
I am taking my first trip from UK to mainland Europe, Poland to be exact, this July on my ZX-6R. To get there I am crossing via Harwich to Hoek of Holland on the sea cat. Does anyone have any advice about securing my bike and the equipment during the crossing or are you best advised staying with the bike during the whole trip( if they let you)
.One friend has recomended cable ties on the front brake to help prevent rolling when stood. If anyone has any other tips they would be very much appreciated:thumbup1:


mustaphapint 23 May 2006 00:11

I havent used the crossing you are using, but I cross the channel regularly between the South coast and Brittany. My Harley is stable on the sidestand (hobsons choice really coz that's all its got) so I put it in first gear push it against compression then put the stand down. Usually a strap or rope over the seat (provided by Brittany ferries) and tied to the hooks in the deck is sufficient. They usually supply padding to stop the seat being damaged or if not I use my gloves or overtrousers. On my BMW where the sidestand is crap I have to use the centrestand, but a rope over the seat does the job again, although I never feel it's as secure as the Harley. Sometimes you have to tie them against the side but most of the time they wouldn't move anyway. Often the deck crew will do the securing but you might feel more comfortable checking how they've done it.

smedders69 23 May 2006 01:18

Thamks Harley rider mate, that is reassuring news. I will look forward to croosing now knowing at least the bike won't end up at the other end of the deck


ozhanu 23 May 2006 13:49

this has been discussed somewhere else. please refer to the link below and "believe searching..."


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