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Panster 27 Dec 2006 13:58

Faro july07
anyone planning on going?
ive book a ferry via Dover-Calais on 17/07/07, giving me 2-3 days riding time available to get to the faro rally starting on the 19/07/07. looking 4 a riding partner. will be traveling on a gsxr1100 of some description.
i will be traveling from nottingham to dover early tues morning and catching 10am ferry arriving calais 12.30 (french time), i would like to acheive the elder 1000 on first day of travel and then use other 2 days bumming around lover spain and portugal to make it to the rally thurs afternoon.
Ferry has cost £45 as its an early booking.
Fuel all in is looking to be in the lower sider of £400 (price inflation depending)
Rally entry will be around £30 but this includes camping.

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