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danward79 24 Feb 2010 19:31

European Camping Advice - Kids Tent

I am after a bit of advice. Most years we go camping for a few weeks in Europe, all over in and out of campsites.

Uptil now, my Daughter 5 has shared our tent, which has two rooms, with a central link section, so we have the security of two rooms in one tent, etc.

Our tent is like this.

The tent is great but, it is bulky and take longer than I would like to set up / take down. It also weights about 20kg.

Ideally I would like two light weight tents, perhaps a lightweigh 3 man for the mrs and I and a pop-up for the nipper.

What I am worried about is having the nipper in a seperate tent. What are your thoughts please?

As I kid, I used to camp in the middle east and europe as a teenager on my own, so am I been paranoid?

Thanks. Sorry if you think I am being silly...


onlyMark 25 Feb 2010 07:07

I've never had a problem with my kids in Europe when camping. I'm not saying no-one ever has, just that I haven't.
If you don't want a big tent and you're not sure about two tents, what about the smaller version of the one you've got? Or isn't there enough space for you?
Nomad - Khyam - Pole and Sleeve
And it's cheap enough just to use it for the one holiday if you want a change.

oldbmw 25 Feb 2010 16:41

How about a couple of light dome tents which have vestibules, then pitch the tents and join them together face to face at the porches?
You might want to run a couple or so extra bits of line between the two, even set up trip wire connected to something noisy around the nippers tent.
In all likelyhood totally unnecessary but would let you sleep better.
Years ago when I used to camp out with my kids, we usually went by boat and camped in fairly inaccessible places but then our German shepherd and Jack Russell always slept in the kids tent :)

danward79 25 Feb 2010 17:52

Thanks for the suggestions, I had thought about the two tents facing each other. Not sure buying another similar type tent is an option for me, but a good idea also.

I think for this summer, I may end up putting up with the tent, and re-attacking the issue next year.

The ideal would be a two room roof tent (or two roof tents), but the weight of thos things is considerable, and i don't fancy having one un-used all year on the landy. I have no where to store it if I where to remove it from the vehicle at the moment.

Still interested in other peoples opinions, thou.

Pwyll 25 Feb 2010 21:26

These are great tents and you can pitch them up real fast.

Khyam Tenten en Accessoires


rossi 1 Mar 2010 20:33

See if you can track down a vaude monolith. They sleep 3 adults snugly or 2 generously and have a BIG porch area. You can also get a separate inner tent called the monolith baby that gives a 2nd sleeping area suitable for kids. Our 2 boys, 4&6, sleep in there together. The inner(s) and outer pitch together in one go and the poles are alloy, which are stronger and lighter than the fibreglass poles that come with cheaper tents. The tent packs down quite small. Last year my mate and I (off road on loaded dirt bikes) split the poles and inner but it could be carried on one bike.

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