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Bukowski 30 Mar 2006 01:51

European breakdown cover 10+

Anyone know of any companies that will cover my yamaha xt for breakdown cover in western europe - as bike is over 10 years old none of the standard companies can offer this.


moggy 1968 30 Mar 2006 03:49

If you join the RACs highest level of cover, and the camping and caravan club, then you get full eurpoean cover on any age of vehicle. At least you did on a car two years ago, presume it is the same now and should apply equally to a bike.

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1968 morris minor traveller

samwise 31 Mar 2006 14:37

NCI Online cover up to 15 years old, I think (they've covered my 17-yo bike as I'm a member of the BMF)

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Bukowski 2 Apr 2006 14:18

Thanks to both of you for reply - all sorted with NCI for £116 under a classic policy. RAC was double this .. For anyone in similar situation I found that Carole Nash have Euro breakdown cover included in policy - regardless of age of bike - so will be taking up new policy on expiration


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